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View Full Version : some asshole keeps sending me viruses in my email

2004-04-05, 02:32
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-04-05, 02:48
Pray I never show you the extent of what I can do.i'll be the test mouse....show me what you can do dude....i'm interested

do it to me

2004-04-05, 04:05
I want some solid proof and evidence, like a good solid turd, rather than your diarrhea splattered upon this forum. I would like to see an IP address and computer name, which can be found in the properties and details of the e-mail. Until then, it is just rumor and speculation as to who is the responsible party.

2004-04-05, 04:32
quick fix....

block the e-mail address

2004-04-05, 04:54
i've alerted microsoftthat'll scare the livin crap out of them

2004-04-05, 06:09
is this another one of your "somebody is out to get me" conspiracies?

2004-04-05, 07:23
the originating addresses are from australia and new zealand..at first i suspected mekajinn..but the very first is similiar to gazdet's real email address..the new zealand one reminds me of ice-keith and it could also be walberg-rastafarian each trying to seek some kind of silly veagence for my 'mistreatment' and abuse of the fair flower dollar_girl.

guyes you're idiotic to try and 'get me' this way..you have no idea what real power is all about..Pray I never show you the extent of what I can do.


idiot =|