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View Full Version : p2p filesharing is the ultimate library

2004-04-05, 22:33
The international p2p filesharing movement scored a victory on 2004-03-31 when Canadian judge von Finckenstein ruled against the desires of the Canadian Recording Industry Association. The CRIA was in the process of trying to sue 29 filesharers. Most significant in the ruling was the judge's reasoning and arguments. He wrote:
"I cannot see a real difference between a library that places a photocopy machine in a room full of copyrighted material and a computer user that places a personal copy on a shared directory linked to a P2P service."

The judge affirmed something we've known all along in p2p filesharing, which is that the act of filesharing is equivalent to running a library. The analogy has its limits because unlike a library, there is no returning of the material borrowed. Instead, everything is copied. So the judge's analogy of the photocopying machine at the library is probably the most fair and accurate analogy one could make using a library. But p2p filesharing is even more potent than a traditional library, because each person takes the material to make his own library. In p2p filesharing, libraries spawn even more libraries. p2p filesharing disseminates information better and more efficiently than a traditional library, because it is really a multitude of libraries rather than a singular library. Each person has the potential to offer unique information, and when everybody is hooked up on a network, then the amount of total information available will benefit everybody. That is the ultimate power of p2p filesharing. It is the widespread sharing and dissemination of information. It is a network of knowledge, a wealth of information, and a multitude of libraries.

2004-04-05, 23:10
would you go to jail over a few thousand lousy mp3's?
My mp3s aren't lousy. I have good musical taste.

2004-04-06, 12:19
Here's some quick thought's how i see things atm:

I think when it comes to mp3's, it's more matter of a principle for me.
I've made my own music, still do, I found p2p networks really effective to get my music "out there"
and get some feedback grom ppl.
No, i dont have a record deal nor im crazy about getting one
given the chances getting butt-fucked legally.

The thing is, im also really broke atm.
I wouldnt mind getting some income out of my music.
But to do that, i would need to try to get a record deal,
or have money to start my own; do it indie style
(which sounds appealing actually)
The record deal with a major company sounds really scary for a
dude like me, I'd had to hire expensive legal help to get the paperwork done.
Same goes on that Indie-option too iguess... its a legal mess both ways,
thanks to the record companys who has fucked over so many artists.
Its a Biz allright. Whos to trust?

The principle side what i dont like is,
big record labels have way too much power
over the current music biz,for example;
artists dont get much money from the sold cd's.
I'd like to see a chance on that.
I DL mp3's as i cannot afford to buy all i want.
Thats the price issue.
I do buy some cd's I know I listen to a lot, *.wavs are superior to 192kb *:mp3's which is my minimum bitrate i'd like see on my mp3's.
I see RIAA like this big bully who just wants more control
over users and artists, its a biznes afterall.
I dont like bullys.

The current copyright laws are somewhat
lame. The chance is coming, RIAA is fighting for its biznes,
and they will lose, that im sure of.
p2p is here and it will be here whatever happens to RIAA
and the likes.

Or atleast, thats how i see things atm.

I dont know about the Jail tho,
I dont see it as a possibility yet.
I live in Norway, remember the story about
the dude who made it possible to rip dvd's
to your HD?
If I was sued here, it wouldnt scare me that much.
And most of these "action" RIAA does is scare-tactics.
They are literally biting the hand that feeds them.
Im expecting to see similar things happening around the world what now
happened in Canada, time will tell.

But on a lighter side, I am no lawyer, I just want to play my honky guitar.


2004-04-07, 08:08
-GS- I think "G string" when I read your name. That reminds me, of a song Bach wrote called "air for the G string", but I like to think of inheriting Grandma's old stained panties from the roaring 1920s and being "heir for the G string".

Anyways, one good outlet that seems good for independent musicians is DMusic (http://dmusic.com/). They are for independent musicians what mp3.com (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showthread.php?t=184) started out to be, until they were bought out by RIAA - Vivendi Universal. I actually never used them or bought anything from them so I don't know how good they are. But they definitely have an anti-RIAA stance, which to me means they are good for independent music.

There seem to be a lot of talented musicians and people in this World, who mostly go unrecognized. Only a few actually get to make money or fame off of their material. I don't want to stop you from dreaming, but I feel that as an artist you probably won't make much money off of your work.

I'm curious to hear your work. Is it available on p2p networks or for download anywhere? We've got a member here on this forum named Mekajinn who has his own music (http://boomerangutan.org/mp3/) and forum (http://boomerangutan.org/forum/). I have a page set up for some dude who I've known from the Napster forum in early 2001, with his stuff all here (http://www.tatom.org/documents/starclimber.htm). And one of my favorite albums is by a Dominican feminist name Ochy Curiel (http://www.tatom.org/documents/OchyCuriel.htm), who makes music to promote her views. There are all these great musicians out there full of talent, who are not making any money off of their material. A lot of artists make music because there is a drive to produce something in many of us. Artistic expression is like the very will to live and to create life. Many people raise children and that is the most meaningful thing they ever did in life, yet because it is so common it is also taken for granted by society at large.

Andy Warhol said that "in the future everybody will be famous for 15 minutes", which to me is a variation of the saying "every dog has its day". Perhaps statistically on average we are all famous for fifteen minutes each, yet the reality is that some people are more famous than others. But we are all famous to the people we know personally in our lives.

Maybe music in the future will be made by musicians who don't make money or incomes, the way there is a trend in computing to go open source and give away software for free. All these talented musicians pouring their hearts and souls into music and giving it away for free could be called open source musicians.

p2p filesharing represents a threat to the big record companies, because it reduces the godlike idol status of pop stars and relegates them to their proper role within our p2p libraries based on their names. For example, Mekajinn and Metallica can reside next to each other on my hard drive. There is an equalizing and empowering effect that p2p filesharing has, so that it is a great democracy of music.

2004-04-07, 12:10
Nice post E. :)

Right now I got some preparing to do, got a gig tomorrow.
But i'll try to post something real quick

I know some of my tunes are on Fastrack
(might not have lotsa sources) and i use SoulSeek which is on most of the time. Im not really confortable pasting my usernames in here though,
I wonder why that is... a gut feeling maybe.
I've also uploaded some tunes in some websites,
similar to soundclick and some other site cant remember atm,
I dont visit those sites too often as they are "free" and
full of ads and whatnot...
(/me making a mental note to check those sites...)

My music is not really a piece of art tho, so be prepared. ;)

I dont have a style I rely on, like, Heavy Metal etc,
I like all kinda music, but if it has some interesting guitar
playing, its a plus for me.

I know of that Bach Air in key G, beautiful piece,
got a neo-classical version from Malmsteen of it too,
acoustic piece, really nice.
I find myself often whistling on that melody.

And, the initials GS is sort for Guitar Slinger which is
a name for a Album form B.Setzer Orchestra.
Setzer was my first influence to get on with the music,
and still is, a master of jazz-swing-rock'n'roll.
I've been playing since -79 or was it -80.

I've been using that username as default as it is LAME and
ppl might remember it better. (negative/annoying marketing?)

Gotta run !


2004-04-14, 21:10
ive got 28000! ebooks in hundreds of different subjects and more coming
P2P really is the UNTIMATE LIBRARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2004-04-14, 22:35
ive got 28000! ebooks in hundreds of different subjects and more coming
What type and size of file is an ebook, and what type of reader is used? Are there DRM controlled files which people pay for? Which filesharing programs have a lot of ebooks? I imagine that you haven't read most of them but you are a collector and proud builder of your library.

My wife likes to read a lot, so downloading ebooks would be good for her. But nothing beats the convenience and portability of a real book. So much for technology.

I wouldn't want to read a whole book on a monitor. For long reading I imagine that dimmed CRT monitors would be easier on the eyes than bright LED screens.

2004-04-15, 22:34
well some txt files but mostly PDF
ranges on length of course
but most arent too big
ive read at least 500 of them id say
and not all english
i get (mostly) mine from emule
occasionaly i find someone who
using adobe or notepad aswell
all just downloaded

mostly science, philosophy, religion, computers, languages, polotics, history, military history

if ya ever need something throw me a line i might have it :D

2004-04-15, 23:18
smallest file size of 6kb biggest 77 MB!
first tim id looked
most of the big ones are dictionaries (specialist ones - in many languages)
and almanacs of many kinds

2004-04-15, 23:39
pdf files are bloated as hell

but not as bad as docs

Bill Gates wins the bloatware contest :tu:

2004-04-16, 01:26
well for the biggest pdf its average of 40 MB per MB
and the layout kicks the shit outta docs and txt and im not sure about lit
thats with images as well
cant go past a pdf except for short shit thats not really needing to have a page even

2004-04-16, 09:43
for someone like me with a computer like mine, opening a .PDF file is a long and grueling process. I love reading movie scripts and once i d/led one and i couldn't even open it on my computer without having it jam all the time causing it to stop responding.

2004-04-16, 10:38
Every time you open a large file, it goes into the computer's memory and slows down the computer if there is not much memory. Also the program that opens up the file (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader) has to be loaded in the computer's memory too. The reason the computer slows down is that when the computer runs out of memory, then it uses something called "virtual memory" or a "swap file", which is that it actually uses part of your hard drive space as memory, but it's not as fast as the real memory RAM. You'll then see or hear your hard drive grinding away and your computer will be slow.

I feel your pain.

2004-04-16, 10:59
my computer is good to me, we have our arguments... i dont like its specs and i'm sure it doesn't like everything about me too ay, we compromise.

it only has like 63meg of RAM and about 12 gig HD which has a spare 1 gig until it is full...800Mhz processor... i neglect her. Yes indeed i do.

You know for a while i was really interested in learning about computers then suddenly i lost interest because i really wasn't any good at it. I just dont understand them. Hey at least i know the basics ay.

2004-04-16, 16:55
depends on what u want to do
if u want total control programming is the way
ive got a 2 gig with over 550 memory
loads thm in 1 minute
(thats the biggest)
i leave it open
each file loads in seconds