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View Full Version : forum domination or is it dominatrix?

2004-04-06, 16:51
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-04-07, 09:23
Besides me, nicobie has been the most regular poster at this forum, and was the #2 poster until the Winter. Now you know that really takes dedication, to run a forum for several months and have the only other major poster be nicobie.

I see that your post count dropped from 947 to 946, due to the thread you requested be deleted. Was that your gentlemanly way of allowing me to catch up to you?

When you reach 1000 posts you automatically are allowed access to the chaste secret fraternal subforum that slx and I are members of. Are you familiar with the photography of Robert Mapplethorpe (http://www.mapplethorpe.org/malenudes.html)?

2004-04-07, 14:17
i notice that ppl who used to post massive amounts of posts, have over-time reduced their posting dramatically. Remember not too long ago, at .net, everytime u opened the general forum, every thread was replied to by staple members such as dawn etc. It was like a hyperactive time where some wild and exciting craze was happening and it was being expressed through "post your favourite forward joke" threads. People were posting in a craze, as though it was a new startrek trend or something.

It's a classic system of life... a time of great unity and expression, and then eventually every unit of the crowd, dies back down to being an individual cell.

Maybe it is social evolution, but the system never dies... and it is seen everywhere from time eras to something as simple as neighbourly love... when u first move in, ur neighbours love you, they bring u little gifts and say hello to you when they are watering their lawn... a year on they are reporting you to the council, snitching on you to other neighbours and avoiding you when u go take your bins inside or something.

2004-04-07, 14:19
btw, the thumbs up icon against this black backdrop, looks a little like a deformed cartoon penis. it's very fitting :jerkoff: :axeman:

2004-04-08, 00:36
i know dude, after i posted it i looked at it and thought "wtf is that?" ... then i started thinking about what homer simpsons penis would look like...

i mean, c'mon... you've NEVER pictured Marge naked? *droool*

2004-04-08, 01:40
I only came here to tattle on 'lurkie.

Now we all know him for the fake he is.

How full of yourself can a person be?