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View Full Version : new web hoster

2003-06-01, 00:47
I've already backed up the forum and moved this site to a new location. I set the nameservers to point to the new web hoster.

Hopefully there will be a smooth transition, but keep in mind that all the posts or changes you make to your account in the next 20 or so hours, including this one, won't be transferred over to the new site. When this post disappears, then that means it is working off of the new site.

I am doing this because the web hoster I signed up a whole year for has given me a one week notice that hosting will discontinue. I think the moral of the story is not to sign up for a year, because once paid there is little incentive to provide service as promised. This is the second time this has happened.

Hopefully the new web hoster will be better and more stable. It is paid on a monthly basis.

Sorry for the inconveniences.

2003-06-02, 15:17
Well, the site is back up now on the new web hosting place. I'm glad it worked and nothing was lost, though I needed to contact the web hosting company to do one thing because I couldn't figure what the problem was.

Originally it was my plan to only have about an hour of down time, copying the old site to the new site and having the forum working on the new site by way of an IP address. But I had problems with the database. It was a small detail. I had to add a user to the database. I think it has to be done twice, first by creating the user, and then adding the user to the database. All I did was create the user, and that's why the forum wasn't working.