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View Full Version : weighing the laughter and the tears

2004-04-07, 17:10
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-04-13, 12:58
I love poetry.

When i was in highschool, we had 2 poetry assignments in english class. The first assignment, i wrote a poem that wasn't standard, and i failed the assignment. The second assignment, i wrote a poem that meant nothing to me, but was 'standard', and i got the highet mark in the class.

I find that formal assessment teaches us standards and rules but does not allow for personal creativity. Most famous people are those that broke the rules in some form or another.

2004-04-13, 15:09
kinda like movie & musik stars and laws :)

2004-04-13, 23:06
no you dont tim. I think you enjoy one extreme to the other and enjoy attention of any kind wether negative or positive. Thta is why one day you are callign me cruel and the next day saying "sorry" for somehting i dont want u to apologise for and the next day back again at feeling put down.

You are a yo-yo of behaviour and you do this because u need and strive from forum attention derived from forum drama, drama that u many times cr eate just for yourself.

2004-04-14, 22:55
There were 38 views of 'weighing the laughter and the tears' at 8:50a.m my time on Wednesday April 14, 2004.

There were 42 views of it at 9:10a.m on Wednesday April 14, 2004..so this means 4 people have viewed it since it was originally posted 20 minutes ago.
I admire your resourcefulness, that you have found a way to monitor the forum activity without Who's Online (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/online.php) being available for you to see. Usually the ratio of members to guests online is around 1:3, so most of the forum viewing activity is initialized by search engines.

2004-04-14, 23:46
the truth isnt always what u want to hear or what u can believe
now i can imagine if u were in controll here
it would be a little shadier thats for certain :p

2004-04-15, 08:25
My name is not Katy.

I told you i will not speak to you on msn or in private because you disrespected the whole idea of PRIVATE CHAT or PRIVATE MESSAGE by posting anything and everything in forum threads. Therefore, why bother by talking 'privately', why not just talk on the forum.

I also find it off-putting that you log every conversation and weeks after, pull 'quotes' from conversation logs and bring them into new conversation. I picture you there, re-reading all your conversations with everybody like some baseball fanatic drooling over his cards. I also dislike the way you then use the logs against the person you chatted with, by saying things like "i can show u what CHAT-FRIEND said last week, i have it logged".

I dislike that, because it takes the friendly, casual edge off chatting with you, which u try to mask by being friendly.

I also dont want to chat with you, because every conversation i have had with u, it has been a complete monologue of your writting. By the time u finish your novel paragraph, i'd have gone and played with myself, baked a cake, read a book and watched the news, and ur still pressing "enter" or "send" to fragmented sentences.

As to answer your questions about what i didnt want u apologising for - all of it, any of it, because i think you only apologise to make yourself feel better. Why do i say that? because your self-absorbed and you follow a drama cycle which is 1.build up to drama, 2. climax of drama, 3.apologising -- and back to the first step of the cycle. I dislike apologies in general, but your apologies i specifically dislike.

I was fine here and happy here long before u started with your drama bullshit, and i will be equally as content long after ur drama has become boring, like yet another episode of the bold and beautiful.

2004-04-15, 09:51
LMAO this shit is getting funier by the day
people dont like to take hints

2004-04-15, 12:25
sorry dude, i didnt read all that, its longer than a script for a woody allen movie.

I didn't mention that i was afraid of you using my conversation against me, i merely said i dislike that you store information for that purpose. First thing u said to me was "I can prove mekajinn said this because i have the conversation logged" ... dude, i have enough of a consciousness battle when reading ur conversation written to me, let alone to someone else.
I'm not afraid of you using it against me, but i lost respect for you because of your willingness and eagerness to do so. You are no friend, because a friend isn't as eager to 'expose' or whatever it is you feel u do. I've watched my mouth around u always, that is why i never gave u my number or address despite u repetitively asking for it.

As for going by popular opinion, i dont recal nicobie calling u creepy, but you are creepy, and i have called u self obsessed adn selfish which is essentially SELF-ABSORBED. Nothing new harb, eclectica just wordered it differently. It isn't 'popular opinion', its common observation.

After you started posting emails i have sent u and posting entire PM's i sent you, i figured it was a two-way thing? THen u get upset because i revealed ur big secret that you are obese? big deal, so is a massive percent of the american population. COngratulations Tim Smith - Your COMMON.
I thought u were starting a trend, where everything is to be shared ay, because i dont recall u ever asking if u could post my pm's or emails, i jsut log in to find them there on the forum, and then u get hurt that i follow the same trail of openess?

sad thing is, u probably have all thigns archives, and i got nothing on u dude, u win, u have evidence of my mighty secret conversations.

I dotn really care what u post dude, coz u have alreayd posted enough of my personal info in order for me to distrust and not respect u.

I think many times people confuse anger with hurt, i dont think u hurt me dude, ur ignorance just pissed me off, because that too is common, way too common.

2004-04-15, 14:55
thoughts change
people are allowed to change thier minds, take things back and forgive a bit
keeping an archive just breaks down the barriers of communication
being that they are expected to work within those earlier statements

damn Tim u can type some :D

2004-04-15, 22:39
possibly a little shallow
but thats life it gets deeper but keeps spilling too
try to find the balance

2004-04-16, 02:15
ja, das ist so!
its how i see it anyway
das Boot?
whats that got to do with anything? :p

2004-04-16, 05:43
there is no road
no understanding

thats the problem with u
u dont understand anything
u dont take hints
u dont take it when its shoved right in ur face
what the fuck do expect from people man?
its something very different to what everyone wants
u want some real actual relationship

she is right there is no betrayal
the is no lost interest
it was never there lol

no matter how hard people try to help u make up imaginary problems
im not sure if u do this on purpose just to fuck with people but ill tell ya why u are like u are its because u have some twisted thoughts on how things work
and would it matter if anyone where lying?
if it contradicts well pull them up about it
but peoples thoughts?
u are quick to tell people how they are doing wrong but its u man
all inside u
deal with ur problems elsewhere because they dont make u very good to talk to at times
i really couldnt give a fuck what kind of a day u had
i dont expect u to care about mine
we come here to talk so why not talk instead of cry how someone u talked to on msn a few times wont FUCK YOU!
u know i dont like being like this Tim

2004-04-16, 15:16
trying to bleed me
ok i dont mind man
u should know by now i dont mind a convo with ya
ya gotta keep thing a little lighter
i dont know about $girl but us aussies are laid back and we dont want no shit
lets help each other not drag each other into things we dont want to be in
let us help u man
sure it can be prnal but up to a certain point

2004-04-16, 22:34
My name is Tim Smith my address is

2545 Arnold Drive
Monroe, North Carolina 28110-8405

My telephone numbers is area code 704-283-2851

the phone is registered in my mother's name Vadine Smith

I will never log back into this forum again.

2004-04-17, 00:45
My name is Tim Smith my address is

2545 Arnold Drive
Monroe, North Carolina 28110-8405

My telephone numbers is area code 704-283-2851

the phone is registered in my mother's name Vadine Smith

I will never log back into this forum again.

U expect us to call u're mommy?

2004-04-17, 06:04
After I read this last post of Harby-Tim, my heart sank and I feared the worst. I was hoping he would come back and say that he was just kidding or he changed his mind, but he hasn't made a post since then and I am starting to worry a little.

The abruptness of his post suggested that he might do something rash. He could be wandering somewhere without his medications or locked up in his room somewhere slowly dying of some kind of self-inflicted poisoning or wound. He may have left that personal info because he knew that he might do something terrible to himself and he wanted to be sure we would be there to be his safety net.

Isn't it interesting how much we miss him now that he is gone? Such is life that we often fail to appreciate things until it is too late. I know the hands of time can't be turned back, but I can't help think of what I could have said differently to him, and if I was too insensitive and cruel by not paying him more attention.

I got so concerned that I called the phone number he gave about five minutes ago, but it was busy. It's late now so I'll try again tomorrow.

Now that he's gone it's quite depressing posting here in this forum. I've grown accustomed to Harby-Tim. Now this place will likely become dead and stagnant. We've lost our top poster.

I guess the lesson to be learned is: don't wish for something, because it might come true. Often in the past I was wishing Harby-Tim would just die or cease to exist, yet now that it has possibly happened I realize the folly of my ways. Any feelings I had towards him, that he was a lame self-centered poster, have been redeemed now that he no longer is here. It's hard to bear ill will towards a dead person. We only remember their positive aspects.

Though Harby-Tim led a life of forum lameness, he may have restored his honor by doing the final deed. It is better to die honorably than to live dishonorably.

Harby-Tim, we miss you, and would welcome you back any time, no matter how much your lameness has spammed the forum in the past. I'm lighting a candle for you dude. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

2004-04-18, 01:02
and it isn't funny either...