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View Full Version : Advertisements in my town

2004-04-10, 04:31
This pictars, despite what many may think, are REAL ... I have no photochop skills, otherwise I'd have a badass website going right now...

ClearDark (a close friend of mine) and I were driving around with my digital camera and we FINALLY decided to take pictars of those 2 funny signs... and now I'm proud to share them with you all...

Here's how fucked up Machias, Maine (Doweast Maine! w00t... made the NY Times for our Oxy-cotin problem!) is:



2004-04-11, 00:30
Thanks Tim... there's some pretty crazy shit I see around this area in the world... if I can find anything more worth posting I'll try my best to do so...

Maybe I can get a pictar of Jesus when he returns tomorrow :priest: