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View Full Version : razor's edge

2004-04-10, 22:41
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-04-11, 23:39
many times movies are great but unrealistic causes of inspiration. Sometimes if you watch an emotional or inspiring movie, it can temporarily make you believe you have found your path in life.

When i was younger, after every mob movie i saw, i decided i was going to become a mobster... a godmother :axeman: :cool:, or after every movie about casinos, i decided i wanted to run a casino :beer: ... or rob a casino :poke:.

Sometimes because of our emotional response to a movie, we feel more deeply connected with the characters and their situation, and we can believe that their resoultion to their problems will also work for us.

I think we should take 'advice' from surrounding people... because their emotions and struggles have no script or editing.

Ofcourse there is no right or wrong place to discover inspiration, and i admit i do get emotionally effected by a film to a point where it could change my mood for that day... make me sad or happy

2004-04-14, 20:31
good to see ur learning something Tim
life is to be searched through
find what ur looking for and settle downb
problem is once u look for something u get distracted and fork of onto many paths
just make sure they are all going the right way

2004-04-14, 20:57
the more u analize urself the better it is to understand and cope with
the docs dont help cause u never fully open up to them
if anyone does they think they are crazy
the thing is we are all a little crazy i believe
from having and not having
from loving and not loving
everyone has problems weather they like it or not
the thing is to fix urself as best as u can

maybe if u can recognise when u arent feeling the best maybe its time to get out of the house do something other that sit there in misery
what evers best for u man