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View Full Version : ach du lieber~my dear god!

2004-04-11, 08:09
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-04-11, 09:06
ach mein lieber Gott!
thats how i say oh my dear god
but hey people are different
ich bin bayerisch auswendig
ich hoffen, daß Ihr Herz schnell heilt

2004-04-12, 05:24
My b/fs mother is in her mid seventies i believe, when i first met her and touched her skin when giving her a hug before leaving... i noticed it was the softest skin i have ever touched. She has this soft gentle blonde/grey hair and she has this almost strange love for animals... every morning she feeds the big flock of parrots that come to her at 6am.. then at 7.30 she feeds meat to the kookaburras... they all eat out of her hand - only hers, every one else scares them away. She feeds all these cats, takes them to the vet when they are sick... they are nobodys cats, but she makes them feel wanted. She has a little bird, and when i am there he follows me to the toilet... just trails behind me... and when i open the door after i am finished doing mah business, the bird is jsut standing there waiting for me lol. When i go there, it is a different world.. her fridge is full of boxes of fresh fruit and vegatables instead of soft drinks and processed crap... when she makes almond cookies... she breaks the shell of each individual almond... dries them in the sun for 3 days, isntead of buying pre-made almond meal. It's nice, coz its different.

Recently she has become sick... she has bad arthritis in her lower back... and she keeps falling and breaking her bones. It's sad, coz she never complains... for some reason old ppl rarely complain... and silent pain is so much more painful to witness.

2004-04-25, 17:31
she roll the meat in sugar?
those kookas sure love that
i find that the oldest generation dosent complain its the one under that does a lot of
the baby boomers
money hungry fuckers