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View Full Version : font size TOO Big now

2004-04-13, 02:09
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-04-13, 09:15
in my opinion, the bigger, the better :eyesdown:

NEVER too big ay :tu:

I dislike tiny fonts, or medium fonts, i like em big and not too BOLD. Simple font with a nice BIG size :joker:

2004-04-14, 23:51
the more u go on like that the less people trust ur opinion
by telling her to shut up u are making urself look bad
if there were a reason man possibly u 2 could bitch it out for eternity
so what for poor bastards with small monitors
like people complaining about having only a 300 Mhz processor and not being able to play the games they want
thats the kind of shit id expect out of nicobie :D

2004-04-15, 02:11
Originally with the upgrade to vBulletin 3, the main forum font size was "10pt" and I changed it to "medium", which allowed Internet Explorer users to resize their text. In the default "Inferno" board style just now I changed the main forum font to "small" and the small forum font to "x-small", and it seems to work okay with both Internet Explorer and Netscape. I think the fonts are a good size now.

2004-04-15, 02:33

2004-04-15, 02:43
On my laptop running Lindows and Mozilla with a 1024 by 768 desktop on a 15 inch LED screen, the small forum font size that is used for title, join date, location and posts appears illegible if I put the browser font size smaller than 100%. But on my 17 inch CRT also using 1024 by 768, the 90% setting is still readable in that font. It is because Linux doesn't recognize the forum font of Tahoma and uses its own font instead, which appears too small.

2004-04-15, 10:20
dude u change all that kinda shit in desktop/properties/apearance/advanced
from icon size to spacing between them
everything i use to tweak the look of my system is in there
ill get a screenshot for ya one day its looking very nice
everything works well on my comp
ive only got a 17 inch monitor

2004-04-15, 12:07
i understand purrfectly now why you don't like poetry crim..her reply was not about font sizes but penis size..she was trying to 'rub in' the fact that I have a poory proportioned penis..or that it was diminuative in size (small)

actually my post was not about ur cock size, it was infact about fonts duh.

I dont know how big or little ur penis is and nor do i care dude.

i have a little monitor ay but for some reason everything falls into place. This computer is a battler, coz it has never been defraged in .... what, 3 years? hooraa next friday is cable day. Countdown in on ay.