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View Full Version : Sevendust ROCKS

2004-04-15, 02:50
I went an saw them Monday night at the State Theater in Portland (Maine)....and I've still yet to find words that can describe how kick ass that was...

the line up was:

Atomship (sucked)
Apartment 26 (sucked fuckin balls)
Cold (good)
Sevendust (fucking rocked)

Lajon (the lead singer of Sevendust) caught my shirt when I threw it on stage (because it got ripped while in the pit so I figured, hey what they hell, and just chucked it up) and then smirked then threw it back in the crowd (no, I didn't get it back...d'oh)

Just if you like modern rock with both HARD and mellow edges...you'll love this shit...

they played: (not in order)

Waffle +
Trust +
Crucified +
Praise +
Angels Son +
Skeleton Song +
Broken Down +
Enemy +
Face to Face +

and 2 others that I couldn't hear...

+ means they are personal favorites I recommend listening to them
I don't really got a detailed overview of the concert and all that...just wanted to say it kicked ass :) *except the first 2 bands...they really suck and need to quit*

2004-04-15, 10:12
holy shit dude great taste
i looked at the post as soon as face to face came on
that song is by far one of my favourite songs going round
he has a grat voice
angel's son is a tribute to lynn strait out of former snot (he died in a car crash)
he was one of the best singers so they all did a tribute cd to him
max cavalera
serj tankien
dez of coal chamber

my fav song though is deisease
he snorts a line of something them goes into this devil sounding voice and says "NOW"
then goes into some of the most beautiful singing uv ever heard

good pick beej
wish id been there

2004-04-16, 03:43
angel's son is a tribute to lynn strait out of former snot (he died in a car crash)

my fav song though is deisease
he snorts a line of something them goes into this devil sounding voice and says "NOW"
then goes into some of the most beautiful singing uv ever heard

Yeah, when they did that song Morgan Rose and Lajon Witherspoon started crying because Morgan's best friend had killed herself a few days before the concert and the girl's mother had talked to Lajon afterwards saying how she lost her daughter etc.. and that made him think of when he lost his brother, AND the member of Snot who died... it was sad...however, it was one kick ass performance...he really felt the energy off the crowd I'm guessing cuz he was smiling while singing even though tears was coming down his face (which kinda ruins the whole "bad boy" rocker image..but who gives a fuck, they are REAL people with a REAL talent)....

I've never heard the song Disease .... what CD is it on? cuz I have: Sevendust, Home, Animosity, and Seasons.. I know they just released an acoustic album...is it on there??...

2004-04-16, 05:29
its on seasons
and great album
maybe its a bonus track
got somewhere to put it ill help u get it ;)

2004-04-16, 08:21
i have never heard of these songs ay.

I feel so overwhelmed by the music industry currently... it is like the line between what is truely good and what is supposed to be good is so blured that i just feel like going AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHh and drowining myself in a bit of john lennon or bob dylan ay.

Anyway, i will do some d/ling of these tunes ay.

Do you think the boom-bust theory of economics also applies to the music industry :tune: :hippie: :fright:

2004-04-16, 11:16
sorry to invade this thread, but has anyone had a tooth pulled before? :fright: :crazy:

I have been putting it off for over a year now because i'm so scared :beer: It's just something so Icky about having a TOOTH YANKED OUT OF MY GUMS WITH THE ROOTS STILL ATTACHED. :beer: It makes me scared like going to a doctor to get a needle.

I need to know what the pain factor is before i go and book an appointment. I have been saving to go to the dentist so i must go before i spend the money on something usless again. If anyone out there has been through this horrible horrible experience, please please please tell me all about it so i am prepared ay. Also coping with the loss of the tooth information would be so great too. Anyone? :coward:

Pray for me :priest:

2004-04-16, 12:35
on my top set, very last at the back on the left side... one of my teeth has completely fallen apart... there is only lik half the tooth left ay, so i need to have it pulled, but the idea of teeth pulling really gives me the shivers.

why did your brother have 19 teeth pulled out at one time?

2004-04-16, 22:29
Be prepared after your tooth is pulled to eat a special diet. I never had a tooth pulled but my wife had one of her wisdom teeth pulled.

The state of your teeth is influenced by hygeine and also by genetics.

2004-04-17, 03:44
OMG I fuckin suck dude...

Disease is the first track to the Seasons album...
holy fuck, I feel dumb... I know this song, holy shit, lol, I feel so stupid dude...I just don't listen to this one as much so it didn't click in my head...this was also played at the concert..

I would also like to add at this time that Johnny Damon of the Red Sox was there Monday night :-D totally hot girlfriend or whatever she was, with him... he looked like he was having a good time (he sat up in the balcony section and danced around with a beer in his hand....damn hairy ape)

I say this because I'm watching the Sox game right now and they are spanking the god damn Skankees!

2004-04-22, 17:11
wow i dont know how u missed it
great song though :)