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View Full Version : judge's ruling raises 1st Amendment issues

2003-06-03, 10:03

A judge has ordered the operator of a raunchy Web site to stop posting details of an alleged sexual relationship he had with a former beauty queen who promotes abstinence and sobriety.

The temporary order forbids Tucker Max, 27, from “disclosing any stories, facts or information, notwithstanding its truth, about any intimate or sexual act” involving Katy Johnson, a two-time Miss Vermont who founded a “Sobriety Society” and has a Web site (http://www.katyjohnson.com/) of her own filled with tips on living a virtuous life.

Johnson, 24, acknowledges knowing Max but denies having a sexual relationship with him.

She sued Max last month, arguing that he was using her name and photograph on his Web site (http://www.tuckermax.com/) to promote his “career as an authority on ‘picking up’ women.”

Max’s attorney, John C. Carey, called the order “inconsistent with the freedom of speech guaranteed by the Constitution.”

“Tucker Max has the right to tell his autobiographical account of their relationship,” Carey said in an e-mail to The Associated Press. He said they would ask for the order to be lifted.

Circuit Judge Diana Lewis imposed the order May 6.

John Seigenthaler, the founder of the First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University, questioned whether the order will stand. Federal courts have found that the same First Amendment protections that protect newspapers and television should be extended to the Internet, he said.
This case reminds me of the 2600 (http://www.2600.com/) magazine and website case, which was not allowed to either post the DeCSS DVD decryption code, or link to it. The restriction on linking was something they fought on first Amendment grounds, but they lost the case in the courts.

2003-06-14, 23:44
now, i've filled the screen.

2004-09-21, 18:36
another part of the first amendment i believe is to not fund religious groups or help establish

Bush has broken that by only funding christian groups all all different kinds
and He won the vote by appealing to the fundamentalists
he lost the catholics even
first american president to win (cheat) doing that
he has degraded the very thing he swore to protect

why is it that he dosent get fired?
secular state right?
in God we trust?
why does this bullshit continue?
why does these fuckers run the world?

2004-09-21, 20:19
why are churces & other religious orginazions non-profit

2004-09-21, 21:21
not just that kind of thing
christian run businesses and day cares etc
not all these groups are non-profit
and not all non=profit groups are non profit
most churches used to and some still do pay for the housing of certain people
there is a church near me that is bulding a 3 MILLION dollar extension
profit must have been gained at some point
and tell me corruption would not set in
remember not all christians are christians
some just say to it to put themselves in good moral standing with fellow christians

2004-09-23, 12:03
Well, first amendment right or not, if the shit isn't true, then he shouldn't be allowed to spout off about it. It should be stated on his site that it is fictionalized. Unless he has some proof, like some raunchy photos or something.
It being his word against hers makes it difficult. Am I wrong here people. Is this what freedom of speech is all about? Let's just say if the guy were lying?

2004-10-05, 15:05
remember Sex is taboo
when it comes to word over another it comes to the most helpless and nicest seeming
this guy may be a jerk or hemay have fucked her hard and she does not want that to conflict with her peacy view of herself
somethings are not readily accepted by mainstream
know what i mean? :p

2004-10-07, 12:03
Yeah, I know what you mean. The world can be a pretty fucked up place.

2004-10-07, 18:14
but i dosent have to be
like an orange can be bitter