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View Full Version : Where to hold belief?

2004-04-18, 21:13
If the bible and koran can have been the word of God filled with contradictions to what we learn of real life and many well researched fields
they both have errors in every field of science almost that it comes onto
astronomy - they both say the earth is fixed and the sun and moon move around us
all i get from christians (gunna get bashed for that-but u all know i dont care) is that i need to believe - just simply believe
that would really take out everything i know almost
now some of them say that science does work with the bible
but THEY CANNOT give examples of where it does but I CAN give plenty where it is in conflict
even with reality
it is warped from real lifes perspectives
things that cannot happen in reality happen because there is supposedly a God
though ask him to help u somehow and he wont do it
he has no need of parlour tricks

and one of eisteins theories has been proven (when it comes to the universe anyway many others are correct but are not relating to the universe)
they have found (china perhaps) through a sort of magnifying glass through space another planet in another solar system
eistein said something about light focusing though the gravity of planets
this has worked it out to be correct
and that was a derived theory of his main lot that all pretty much denies the being a possibility of god and his "creation"

noone will argue and if they do they are from one point
ive come from the christian side to this one so i know the best (or worst) of both world so to speak

2004-04-18, 21:54
id like to see something for once that could make me doubt in the slightest
and faith dosent work
faith could be used for evolution and they say darwins theory was just that
lol the funny thing is they dont listen to themselves

darwin is basing this apon faith (non-religious) - christians dont?
humans couldnt have come out of nowhere - God didnt?
oh wait he was always there
the same as the emptyness of space was always there?
before any big bang?

this is something ive been trying to talk to people about for years but not so many are interested
u are either on my side already or u are devout christian
and the doubtfull wont go into it cause they dont want to say something they dont mean
i mean what i say unless im wrong
but i cant see anything wrong
something not found but nothing wrong

does anyone have anything better than the usual?

2004-04-18, 22:11
i wonder if anyone could do it with bad answers like this one

Q: Are there contradictions in the Bible?

A: When I was a new Christian, someone showed me the apparent contradictions between the creation accounts in Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. According to Genesis 1, God made the trees on day three, the birds from water on day five, and the animals on day six, all before man. But Genesis 2 records the creation of trees, animals, and birds from dirt on day six, all after man. This apparent contradiction disappears when one reads in Genesis 2 that the events in that chapter describe the events regarding the creation of the items in the Garden of Eden only. God knew Satan could come and say he had created all things if Adam did not actually witness God?s creative power. God made Adam on the sixth day, put him in the garden, made some trees to grow before Adam, then made 1 more of each of the animals so that Adam could name them and select a wife. The rest of the world was already full of plants and animals from earlier in the week.

now he created woman and man at the same time but when it came to adam and eve they were seperate
adam first
he got bored with the animals and God gave him a bitch to "play with"
from his rib right
now thats not the same time

and in that answer why couldnt satan have told the rest of the world that HE created them?
after it was ONLY the garden of eden they were talking abot in genesis 2

fucking hell i dont need to use science
its a matter of beings able to count and tell the difference from now and later
were people that stupid? Yes
why do they continue to be
my grandmother says she gets a rush from being in church
a guy died last week from a heart attack
she came back feeling very bad

now what happened to this guy?
speak thy lords name and thou heart shall never fainteth

2004-04-19, 00:44
U really must be stupid if u believe any organized dogma.

2004-04-19, 05:28
someone today said i look like jesus
well i can see the similarities
now if he were the son of god (supposedly-u know i think its all bogus - but)
i might be a long lost relative
:p not likely
I am God! lol
im about as powerfull ;)
and im not saying im powerfull

2004-04-20, 02:15
more fuc'n godshit.

haven't they killed enough already?

2004-04-25, 17:28
the only way god could have been in existence is a creator of the universe but thats it
maybe simple life forms
but he can no effect on us
the laws can not be broken only pushed against

ive given up an attempt to figure out religion to be true
only to learn it to contest it

im on my own quest to start possibly a new religion
no god based shit
something like buddhism that puts people in controll of thier own destinies
like we were saying tim its only hard work that gets u anywhere