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View Full Version : I'm pathetic i admit it

2004-04-19, 03:01
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-04-19, 03:23

yesterday i went to a cafe and ordered a coffee and a small slice of brownie... and it cost me $20.20! Dude, no brownie is worth 20 dollars.

2004-04-19, 04:01
when you ask me "whats on your mind?" are you asking what is on my mind in refference to you?

2004-04-19, 04:12
http://home.iprimus.com.au/katarinat/jolie-larger kid.jpg

2004-04-19, 04:26
it had nothing to do with you. I do like sarcasm when used correctly.

I'm not trying to shame you, you just make yourself feel like that.

The picture wasn't sarcasm.

I dont know who the guardian of the baby is, for i found the picture on the internet.

2004-04-19, 04:33
would you do me a favor?

i'm afraid not

2004-04-19, 04:44
dude, you just dont have a sense of humour. You come on the forum and assume that everytime someone else is here, they are here to express their deepest and most complex emotions about you. You are wrong. People have more to express than that. Sometimes its sarcasm, sometimes its humour, sometimes its emotion that isn't connected to you in anyway, sometimes its just random conversation, sometimes its politics etc etc.

I dont always want to talk the poltics of this "relationship" between you and i. You are nto the only member here, and you do not soley set the mood for posting on any and every given day.

Just chill out for once, and let me post things i want to post, without you trying to steer them back to you, or you and i.

You make me want to avoid any rooted conversatin with you, because your an attention whore and will always make it about you.

How many times have u asked me "whats on ur mind dollar_girl?" and if i post something that isnt' related to you, you either get offended or try to steer it back to you.

I told you i dont wish to chat on msn, the forum is fine, i am here most days, and i dont see myself calling u any-time soon. Just chill out, and let things be without making them personal, or finding a deep meaning to crap that is just forum interaction like posting a picture of a strangers child.

Now, i am making a bbq, are you interested in some greek style lamb, pumpkin, char-grilled veges and pineapple and coconut juice to drink? i can spike it with some vodka if u want :p Mate, relax, join the barbie and do it the aussie way.

2004-04-19, 04:44
I didn't read any of the posts, I'll admit it...

I'm drunk, I'll admit that...w00t...night ya

(this took me almost 10 minutes to type properly, I hope it came out right)

2004-04-19, 04:47
happy hang-over buddy!

2004-04-19, 04:52
look Time, the key to getting to a better place, in regaurds to the concept of "us" is to not force things. Just let things be, let them fade, and let new friendships be created. If you stop forcing things to grow, u will notice the natural sun will make them flourish without all the cow shit u dump on the soil.

Relax and know, that it is not the end, there is always hope, and i am not angry, or hurt or anything, i feel neutral towards you, which, is a perfect time to create a new friendship between u and i.

SO peace out, i will save u some bbq, i even made tatziki or wahtever u call it, i'll save u a nice glass of coconut juice, and when u awake after all your tears and stuff, we'll party with our lamb and juice.

ciao for now

2004-04-19, 05:25
here u go tim, i'll load up a plate for u when u wake.

no oil was used cooking the meat btw! and only a little bit of fine extra virgin olive oil was used to marinate the veges along with fresh rosemary!

bbq 1 (http://home.iprimus.com.au/katarinat/bbq1.jpg.JPG)
bbq 2 (http://home.iprimus.com.au/katarinat/bbq2.jpg.JPG)

2004-04-19, 05:35
im no stranger to sarcasm
i find it to be great
though it can be a bastard at times
when ur serious yeah
like really serious
Tim couldnt be that serious
crazy perhaps but not that serious
well not as crazy as me of course

2004-04-19, 05:50
i am stuffed! (http://home.iprimus.com.au/katarinat/after.jpg.jpg)

here is your coconut and pineapple juice Tim

only half a glass left... (http://home.iprimus.com.au/katarinat/coco-pine2.jpg.jpg)

2004-04-19, 05:55
...those posts remind me how I forget that we are all in different time zones...

2004-04-19, 11:05
Nice pictures; the coconut drink is my favorite picture.

Sometimes I would order Pina Colada at a bar and they don't have it, and instead I would have Malibu rum with Pineapple, which is what it looks like is in the glass. The best Pina Coladas are the homemade ones, because you can use real pineapple juice and cream of coconut. The crap they give you at bars doesn't taste as good.

2004-04-19, 12:05
dude, cocktails that aren't home made are always shit.

Worst one to drink out on the town is a margaritta... they always use that fake lemon juice and water it down so much.

i used to make nice frozen mango cocktails ay, from real mangos with strawberry etc.

I propose a dionysians cocktail party held at my place in 2010! that'll give u all enough time to save up ay.

2004-04-19, 19:59
Just chill out for once, and let me post things i want to post, without you trying to steer them back to you

You make me want to avoid any rooted conversation with you, because your an attention whore and will always make it about you. amen

2004-04-19, 23:28
I propose a dionysians cocktail party held at my place in 2010! that'll give u all enough time to save up ay.
I was hoping for sooner actually

2004-04-20, 12:49

2004-05-30, 23:49
when are we getting married? lol :P :D

when the leaves fall off the olive tree :eatout:

2004-06-01, 00:12
there is never a time when all the leaves have fallen off, since shedding occurs at the same time as re-growth.

may the olive tree always sway in the wind.

2004-06-01, 11:46
Maybe up in outer space on the International Space Station they have some olive trees growing in a zero gravity environment that shed their leaves simultaneously.

2004-06-04, 20:18
thats what we all need i think