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View Full Version : What I Want To Know..

2004-04-19, 05:53
What I Want To Know....

...is how come the Porn industry isn't as pissed off as the MPAA and the RIAA....you know damn well Porn is probably the most transfered shit on the intarweb because of all the god damn single bastards out there that need to beat their meat... why don't you ever see them getting all pissy???

2004-04-19, 10:57
The porn industry is not as organized or doesn't have the resources to fight p2p filesharers. But there was one case of a San Francisco porn company Titan Media (http://www.titanmedia.com/page1.htm) which along with the RIAA and MediaForce, also tried to subpoena p2p users on the Pacific Bell ISP. You can read their views on copyright here (http://www.titanmen.com/copyright.htm) and their views on intellectual property here (http://www.titanmen.com/ipr.htm).

And in related news (http://www.avn.com/index.php?Primary_Navigation=Articles&Action=View_Article&Content_ID=79674), Titan Media has announced a new policy that prohibits barebacking in their porn films.

2004-04-24, 09:49
look at all the companies that made money off of piracy, nero, alcohol 120%, all the burning software, the hardware companies, it's a good thing. so much new stuff has been created because of piracy.

2004-04-28, 01:09
The porn industry makes more money than Hollywood, so they should have more than enough resources to do something if they wanted to. I'm not sure if they have a group similar to the MPAA, but I would guess that they don't care about what goes on in P2P since their in a very lucrative business.

2004-04-28, 03:20
The porn industry doesn't have the high regard or good standing in the community in order to go after pirating. But the RIAA came up with the great lie that downloading hurts artists, so they looked like good guys fighting against p2p filesharing.