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View Full Version : Is Soul Seek Down??

2004-04-20, 00:52
I've been trying to download the latest version from slsk.org and I can't access anything without getting the Server error.... anyone else experiencing this problem???....

2004-04-20, 09:24
The correct address for Soulseek is slsknet.org (http://www.slsknet.org), not slsk.org (http://www.slsk.org/).

There are other links if the site goes down:
Soulseek blog (http://slsk.blogspot.com/)
Soulseek forum (http://slskboard.savagenews.com/)

Not that the Soulseek link requires a www, so that http://slsknet.org/ will not work as a link.

2004-04-26, 05:05
it was down at one point because one of the versions of skynet or whatever those worms were was DDoSing their site.