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View Full Version : the p2p manifesto

2003-06-04, 00:24
We love music and we also love to share the things we find beautiful with others. The sharing of our music with others is a fundamental right that people who have commercial interests can not take away from us. We live, eat, and breathe music. Our very souls are filled with harmonious tunes. p2p is a way of life and a philosophy that one embraces in order to be free spirited.

We find it blasphemous that there are those who want to control how we share our music with others. Commercial interests who try to stop our networks are interfering with our sustenance. It is written, that we shall not live by bread alone; but by every word and deed of that which is sacred to us. We hold our music dear to our hearts and we would be hollow and soulless without the ability to listen and share.

Music is an act of communal bonding and a social mode of expression. In the electronic age it is only natural that we choose to socialize, and share our music electronically. Our community is not defined by geography, but by those who like the same things we do. Our digital p2p community is not lesser in value and importance than a traditional geographical community.

We will fight for our right to freely share the things we love with others. Ye who oppose our p2p community, shall suffer terrible consequences. The spirit and flame of our community can not be stopped. The infidels who try to tell us that commercialism takes precedence over our way of life shall taste the vigor of our jihad. Those who want to stop us from sharing our music with others, will have to be prepared to kill us, for we shall fight to the death. We can not change our ways, because it is our nature to be the way we are. We will vigorously defend our values. Let our enemies beware.

2003-06-12, 01:35

2004-01-09, 17:35
so right
but i bet ya they dont give a fuck
well lets show them
who sues someone?
someone desperate

2005-03-17, 02:36
I propose kidnapping some MPAA and RIAA infidels and beheading them, then sharing the videos over p2p