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View Full Version : liar's thread

2004-04-25, 16:00
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-04-25, 16:59
me and some friends would sometimes go over to the park really drunk and belt the shit out of each other :D (stupid yes i know)
we would have drunken boxing matches

ive done some training mostly defensive like aikido
i learnt to do standing backflips (-not to be tried while drunk)

2004-07-03, 07:16
i find when i do intense body stretches i find myself becoming really really sleepy. Other people claim to have a new found energy when doing yoga etc... after 20 minutes i'm so relaxed and sleepy that i just want to go to bed.

I find that i am pretty flexible, but if i dont do my stretches for a long period of time, i need to get back into the habbit before i can regain my flexibility.

The things some people can do with their body amazes me. What is the deal with being tripple jointed and stuff anyway :coward: