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View Full Version : Reasons and Excuses

2004-04-26, 17:03
now why is that when u have a good excuse for say being late or something and u have a good reason the boos will say stop making excuses
i think an excuse is a lie and a reason is what u believe happened but because other people have different opinions they do not see ur reason
why do u guys think?

2004-04-26, 18:49
but if many feel the same way u do its a reason
if not its an excuse

and Tim here a though im sure sure if u understood why i feel about the world as i do

from the word of ghandi

Whenever I see an erring man, I say to myself I have also erred; when I see a lustful man I say to myself, so was I once; and in this way I feel kinship with everyone in the world and feel that I cannot be happy without the humblest of us being happy.

it shed some light on me

2004-04-26, 20:22
A reason is an explanation of cause and effect without deciding guilt or goodness to it. An excuse is a particular type of reason which exonerates one from guilt. All excuses are reasons, but not all reasons are excuses.

When it comes to human events, it is hard to pinpoint one particular reason to describe a chain of events. For example, in answer to the question
you could say: I missed my train, I left the house late, I overslept, my daughter was sick. And all of those could be true, but which one is the most accurate reason to give for being late?

When you put yourself in anyone's shoes, then all of that person's behavior will be excusable to you. We hold guilt and regrets for our misdeeds, but we still accept and excuse ourselves because we have to live with ourselves.

2004-04-26, 21:23
but the ones u can control become excuses
the ones u cant are reasons
sleeping in is ur fault but ur house cathing on fire is not
(unless ur stupid)
tim theres plenty more to learn yet
much more than we can imagine

2004-04-26, 22:37
but the ones u can control become excuses
the ones u cant are reasons
sleeping in is ur fault but ur house cathing on fire is not
(unless ur stupid)
In a pure sense there is no such thing as real accidents (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showthread.php?t=110) or legitimate excuses. And if your house burns down:

Give me a scenario in which you think one is not at fault for having his house burn down. Okay, so maybe a huge industrial gas line exploded right underneath it. First off I have to ask why the hell are there any flammable objects in the house? All chairs should be metal, the walls should be brick, and the bed mattress ought to be a water bed. Failing to prepare for a fire is an inexcusable oversight, like sleeping late.



2004-04-26, 23:20
theres not many things that arent flammable
resistant yes
water is one of them that are
but we would be sleeping on a cold metal floor if nothing could flammable

see its a matter of control
if a crazed russian dose a driveby molotov cocktailing?
if that ur fault cause u have windows
my grandmother says that its my fault i had my good jeans stolen a while back
from the line?
im supposed to gaurd them?
in the meantime if my computer went missing would i be held accountable?

there are no accidents just control and lack thereof
see what i mean?
someone stealing ur car so u have to walk to work is hardly ur fault
but if u left the keys in it u should feel rather stupid and have no reason :D


2004-04-27, 05:21
no Tim other way round man lol
excuses are bad
reasons are good
when someone reasons with u its because they have a leg to stand on

2004-04-28, 00:47
reply to threads like this?

2004-04-28, 17:06
what do you mean threads like this?
now i could imagine a thread made by ur idiotic mind
why is it that u have no good reason or even a bad excuse in ur judgement?
why come here dude if u only like to flame n shit?
its fuckheads like u that make the net a not so nice place at times
every post of urs is negative
its all been negative oe simply bullshit
and u contradict urself by replying here
if people didnt want to they wouldnt right?
fuck up already

2004-04-29, 01:29
I can't help it if u are a crappy creep.

Is there a reason I should be nice to you?

I will not apologize for treating fools as deserved. u are particularly useless.

Over a thousand posts and still zero content.

2004-05-01, 23:55
and if u believe that hate is the first feeling u should have for people i bet u never get laid lmao
if the world felt like that (all of it sorry) we would be a little bit more miserable
just like u are a miserable little fucking wanker

ive seen less that content from u nicobie

what gives u the fucking right?
is it just because i cant smash ur little head in?
well u cant harm me either dude
but fuck people like u piss me off

u are that far down the power ladder in reality that u have to try and invent it here
sorry dude u have none here either

funny u call people fools when u hate for no reason
isnt that foolish?

actually the best thing ive seen from u is ur sig now and its stolen from someone else hahahaha

2004-05-02, 05:58
actually the best thing ive seen from u is ur sig now and its stolen from someone else
...and he still didn't spell Nietzsche right

2004-05-03, 00:41
...and he still didn't spell Nietzsche right

but I have a dick=shonary that I could use to bash u're head in.

U shits sound like gov'mt workers to me. U dillweed want not dotting an i on a gov form to be reason for CANCELLATION. Spelling is a prison offense now?

I can't understand why gov workers get to vote. All they do is vote in more taxes for the worker bees and less for the suck-up bureaucraps.

2004-05-03, 22:57
thats where ur deluded nic u cant hit me with a dictionary
if u could even try ive got 9 or 10 around here

i never remember anyone saying u were in trouble
i make mistakes myself u can check if ya like
but i tell and u dont make an attempt
ignorant fuck for challenging me on the issue at all

go awayand why are we government workers lol?
i hate the government so u should have figured by now
(wait u dont read u just get the jist and flame)
if anything we were sounding more like teachers with baseball bats
just waiting for ya ta fuckup so we can smash ur fucking face in
though i dont see it

u are the fool who dosent care how foolish they are even when told

i dont care what u fucking know or what ur opinions are because they all seem pathetic and completely non valid

contribute to the forum with not such a lamer attitude u are not better than anyone here so get down off the high horse and stop looking down on everyone like u deserve to be up somewhere

fuck off and go away

2004-05-05, 03:01
Watching CNN (or somthing) today I saw where some guy gets $2/min to take verbal abuse.

Seeing as how U are Such a Suckie Shit I figure u're rate is at least $3 bucks a minute.

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