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View Full Version : Paternity Test -- Who's Ya Daddy?!

2004-04-30, 22:55

is it just my imagination or does this kid look like you..kind of makes me think it COULD be you as un beybee...i'd like to see some of ur baby pictars if you have any.

I'll put up some of mine later tonight..so go ahead everyone post ur baby pics..let's see em!

2004-05-01, 02:08
nah it isn't me, but yeah lol the eyes look similar.

hey it was buddhas b'day yesterday i took some photos of the festival that happened at work in the gardens. Tonight it continues and tomorrow are the fire works, i will take more pics ay. Also i am going to a concert tonight to see George play i wil take pics of that too. I declare this officially the dionysians picture thread! Ofcourse only if you okay it harb.

anyway i have many pics of me as a kidling, i will post u some for sure, hopefully tomorrow during the day.

Hey kids, i had my puter upgraded! i'm excited ay, no more 64 meg of ram or whatever lol, and no more 12 gig HD hehehehe.

2004-05-01, 03:07
lookin good harb!

2004-05-01, 03:18
wow, i didnt know you could do that! i wil give it a go as soon as i hook my own puter up. i have to find my scanner again too, i think it is burried somewhere under all my books lol.

nothing beats a real pic tho... i preffer hard copies of pictures than ones on a puter screen, that is why i am still one to go get pics developed ay. The photo paper here costs so much money that it isn't even worth printing ur own pics, it is cheaper to get em developed ay.

2004-05-01, 10:10
hey it was buddhas b'day yesterday....WOW

Hey kids, i had my puter upgraded! i'm excited ay, no more 64 meg of ram or whatever lol, and no more 12 gig HD hehehehe.
thats just phemonemal ?spelling? :p
i had a friend who had a 60 mhz P1
he was complaining at me that he couldnt play games
i was like can u play solitare?
word processing was a struggle
i hope urs wasnt that bad im guessing it wasnt
ive got about 200G right now
bout to get a machine with 2 G memory :)
savin my pennies

too bad i dont have any pics let alone a scanner or printer............

2004-05-12, 03:09
one more thing, dollar_girl..jesus says that if you claim to love him but have hate for your fellow man..in this instance a brother used generically to mean anyone that if you have hatred for someone then the love of god is not in you..for how can you love someone you have not seen when you hate someone you have seen?

Similiarly I say unto you how can you profess compassion for all the world and its inhabitants when you yourself have what you call a 'dislike' for me whom you do know and have seen albeit in pictures and text?

I say your love for your fellow man and humanity isn't for real only something you wish you could have..for if you can hate me..you can hate anyone.


dont u think ur being a bit egotistical assuming i hate u? I have mentioned many times i don't hate anyone. Believe me, you're not that special.

2004-05-12, 11:49
i'm not interested in developing any personal friendship with you that goes beyond the boundaries of this forum or forum related topics. I dont hate you or hold a strong dislike towards you, so i am more than happy to interact with you on the forum, but forum only.

2004-05-13, 02:19