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View Full Version : Crimian: This is for you!

2004-05-04, 04:56
I was reading in my bible tonight...the Niv version and found this:

Luke Chapter 18 verses 1-6

Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up. He said: "In a certain town there was a judge who neither feared God nor cared about men. And there was a widow in that town who kept coming to him with the plea, 'Grant me justice against my adversary.'

"for some time he refused. But finally he said to himself, 'Even though I don't fear God or care about men, yet because this widow keeps bothering me, I will see that she gets justice, so that she won't eventually wear me out with her coming!'"

And the Lord said, ""Listen to what the unjust judge says, And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night?
Will he keep putting them off? I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly. However , when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?"

2004-05-04, 09:55
or will man getting in touch with himself and the earth push him away from faith in God and into self confidence
god cant effect my life
funny thing is people have seen more flying spaceships and ghosts than gods and sons of
they are a good cause but its like so many
i see more realism in other religions
in muslim and jewish books they both get promised the same bit of land
im not sure about chritian beliefs there
isnt it clear that they just got translated and seperated
catholic church ring and bells?
it all just leads to more questions
and they say science does that
but at least it bothers instead of giving no opinion or option
Tim if its doing u good well go for it but i think there has been a bit of corruption so i cant believe anything it says
if any of it is possible its a creation and an ending (judgement n so sorth)
he cannot change this world its rules or laws are not ones that can be changed
we can fight them but not change them
if we could change them we would be able to walk like moon men or fly or something
the bible DOES this
i cannot believe that and they say that he follows all the rules as well and challlenges them like we do
then he has to be lead by something something has power over him
is he omnipotent?
and the divel as ive said before could not exist if god had total power
some religions see devils as equal which need to be defeated
not eternally cast into the lake of fire!
why would he leave in the one most terrible threat to his greatest creation in there to tempt us
is this a setup?
no wonder people are paranoid so often
now knowing that satan was going to rip all our fucking heads off and wasnt at least worried hes a cruel god
noone needs to be eternally dammed because of under 100 years or so
why dont we get a second chance?
and why dosent he listen to me?
and others can swear by it
never once for me what is there a backlog? is this god a little behind?

maybe ill pick it up from here sometime
ull see all of what i real judge with
its not like im saying ah i just hate this because i dont want believe in then to go to hell or because the bible is too big to read (ive witnessed both of these things)

id better stop i could keep going all day Tim u know that :D

2004-05-06, 03:13
the thing is man u dont give good enough reasons
and the laws are not mans
man can observe right?
why if we were meant to live in this world as a trial to the next why would he let us make mistakes like that?
are we measuring wrong?
we are being fooled by our surroundings if that is the case

ask many a christian they will say dosent defy gravity and such
has he got a rocket pack?

i know it says he is omnipotent but he clearly isnt if he follows and rules or cant destroy anyone but the weakest! - us!
God is a bully, a prankster, a meany :p
and he is nasty to women
i mean they have enough to go through
but no because they wanted to have a clue in the world she gets punished forever
arent christians meant to be forgiving?
sorry i mean trying-to-be-christians

if God dosent forgive then what use is any of that
and a lot of christians are grudge bearing

dude i dont read jewish but ive seen translations (actual translations)
same for the koran

the koran is much more righteous and mighty
i can see why they get how they get
though they are expressing it like they should i think through religionb totally unjustifies it
religion is not for killing and winning over others
it should be about winning for urself and all of mankind

my grandmother said she wouldnt mind if i went to hell and she went to heaven
:( how nasty
i asked why and she said her memory would be wiped
so much for the eternal soul then hey?
since it isnt body (not allowed in right) then what is it removed of memories?

2004-05-06, 04:36
Christians are hypocrites, and if they were given a chance to save Jesus to prevent his crucifixion, they would instead opt to keep him on the cross in order that he die for their sins. If he were to escape they would chase him with dogs and nail him back up there. Christians are selfish spoiled brats because the Jesus character gets them off the hook from having to take responsibility for their failures and cruelty towards others in life, and allows them to get away with anything as long as they believe in him. What Christianity is, is an easy ticket towards having a clean conscience.

I'm interested in taking a look at the Koran. I think Islam is more spiritually fulfilling for men than Christianity. I think of there being more unhappy souls in turmoil who are Christian than who are Muslim. But the problem with Islam is that women are given secondary status.

2004-05-06, 06:16
the thing is Tim i have never said a god cannot exist but God cannot exist as he does
he cannot have all of these powers and things and heaven and hell are completely spiritual
gods would be kinds of like greek gods - like superhumans
somethin higher but highest isnt possible

those extra books werent they found in Ethiopia?
somethin to do with angels, the Devil, and magic and a few other things

shakespear dosent claim to be a God does he?

and counting letters and words dosent mean anything in hebrew

and Tim the thruth can hurt but they are not fightin words :p

2004-05-06, 23:46
well buddha himself says we have no god or the need for one
i can prove it myself by picking up my own cigarette and lighting it

the thing there are different type of buddhism
one is the easy way and u get help from monks and u dont have the power or will to do it urself

the other is the hard way (the one im into) where u put all of the struggle into ur own actions and carry urself

i dont believe brahman exists as a god maybe as a reincarnation or and important holy person
im not surwe i dont know a lot about hinduism
a lot is parrallel to buddism
thats because it was there first then hinduism took over because of of the influence that there was a god

as the buddha never told u to simply believe he said to work it out for urself

Boddhidharma started chan later known as Zen
i dont really follow any particular type of buddhism
I go to the Buddha for refuge
I go to the Dhamma for refuge
I go to the Sangha for refuge

2004-05-07, 00:01
buddhists also believed in suicide for their goal of ultimate enlightnment. I saw a documentary about a guy in japan (hundreds or thousands? years ago) (when suicide or supporting suicide was not illegal) who went through all the stages of inflicting extreme pain upon himself, etc etc, as they do, then he wanted to go the full length and he decided to commit suicide in a way that mumified his body with all his organs intact. It was self-mumification. What he did was eat pine bark and nothing else and then he went down into a tomb in the ground, and sealed it with cement, but still had sufficient airholes... and then sat down in a meditating position.... and sat there.... for days... not eating, not doing anything. Everyday he rang the bell ONCE to let the above know he was ALIVE... then on the 100th day, there was no bell sound, and they knew he was dead. This slow starvation mumified his body perfectly with all natural organs inside, still in the sitting position.

I used to find buddhism as a peaceful philosophy, but u know, after a while, each one, wether philosophy or religion, it's all based upon some sort of sacrafice for some 'greater personal good', and it's all bullshit. Monastery, church, whatever... u go inside and all u see is ppl who have either shaved their heads and chant all day, or ppl that wear silver or gold crosses around their neck. same ole' same ole

2004-05-07, 00:22
well they are not true buddhists (as i see it)
one of the first things in buddhism is not to harm
now that is harm
to ones self or others it is harm
but life has a lot of mistakes
even buddha made them untill he was enlightned

buddhism is like anything i can be changed for good or for bad
if people dont take it seriously they wont ever get there

Buddhism isnt trying to pull any wool over ur eyes :p
if u fail well u fail if u succeed u succeed

i think people should be able to weigh out situations and see which has the greater effect good or bad

if u are sick dying of cancer would u not kill urself?
if u were simply sad well u need a better understanding
and buddhists are like jesus's followers they are trying to be Buddhas like they are trying to be Christians

and thats also in japan
where sumurai commited suicide
was it not something to do with that feeling or notion?
i think thats more a cultural thing that buddhism
i dont think ive seen KILL URSELF in buddhism

as i said there are many types of buddhism

2004-05-07, 00:26
i think you are looking for refuge in the wrong place. What makes you different from Tim who likes to create images of jesus with flowers in his hair, wearing pretty sandals and skipping through the desert?

Buddhists routinly put themselves through great and extreme toruture. it is common practise in monasterys because it teaches self control.

2004-05-07, 02:00
if there is a gift then there must be a Giver
No. There are many things to appreciate in life, which with the right attitude should be welcomed as a "gift". But it really isn't a gift literally in the sense that there is a giver. The wonderful things in life ought not to be taken for granted or overlooked, and in that sense they are a gift. A fool can not find happiness in the simple things in life. "Keeping it real" involves, amongst other things, an appreciation of the simple things in life.

A religion which worships the environment and Mother Earth may believe that suicide or lack of procreation is a virtue, because environmentalists tend to think that mankind is a burden upon the Earth.
"Save a tree, kill yourself"

2004-05-07, 06:05
aemoba divide into two right?
in the bible it says every thing has a first cause
What is gods cause?
we both use the same argument
the bible dosent explain it but science may

see my sig
According to general relativity, the concept of space detached from any physical content does not exist.
If there is only empty space, with no suns nor planets in it, then space loses its substantiality.

like u said about the tree falling in the forest tim

god didnt create the unverse because he couldnt have

gravity could say that
not omnipotent once again
what about our breathing and circulation
without restriction theres nothing we can do about it
i dont believe in an actual soul really
its only an influence
one may say about the innocence of children
that because they havent learnt to be bastards yet right? :p

and Tim with buddhism i see more truth and FIND a lot of thruth when its applied
to myself and others and the world around me
its too work ones self out
but in the end it isnt futile life is like a piece of fruit it must ripen

im not sure how life started but im sure we may have a good ides over the next few hundred years
advances with dna will link us further and more discoveries will i hope shed some more light on it
but when it does will they all convert to philophy and confucious n buddha?
who knows if we find the secret (the biggest secret)
all the bible is a fragmented unscientific jumbled up piece that we call THE CREATION :D

and its not believe in urself but noone else good acts that need to reward make u feel better
E would understand this
christians market a lot of this

i can give u copies of all the jewish books and the Koran if u would like i havent been on msn but i may be sometime soon

ill find the parts for ya
u know the area im talking about - Palestine -isreal area

the differences between me and most christians are:
- I dont believe in a god (possibly a creator but not a physically/spiritual but spiritual entity)
- I dont put the blame on others (sorry to say it but its fundamentally christian - but practically??) unless the ARE to blame
- we are NOT special!! like bills hicks says 200 Mill sperm each load what are the fucking odds? id say lucky
- I dont step back without justifying what I believe in if i can
if not i make sure everyone knows i am guessing (u would have seen this before i am stubborn :p)
anyway hope that answers some of the questions there have been lol

friday night going to have some fun have a good one
maybve cath ya later on msn actually Tim
cya :)

2004-05-07, 10:09
Tim, the question "where does life come from" is not a question that requires an answer. Because i cannot explain it in scientific terms at this point of time in mankinds advance, it doesn't mean that it is absolutley scientifically unexplainable and thus automatically, a 'giver' such as GOD is responsible. If you do not know the answer to a question, you don't just take a guess and claim it to be truth. When you learn to do mathematics, first you learn basic equations, then you begin estimating answers and then you move onto learning mathematical process. Mankind is still in the stage of learning basic equations when it comes to understanding life, yet you are not satisfied with this and u jump straight into complex mathematical calculations, which causes the entire truth to collapse and be overtaken by 'estimations'.

You need to realise that just because a question has no answer at this current point of time, it doesn't mean that an answer will not arrise in the future. The substitute answers man creates in order to fill this massive gap of knowledge, caused by a question that affects us all such as "where does life come from" can be massively misleading. I dont claim to know why i exist, but apparently you and your cult followers do. Don't u think that is a little egotistical? Egotistical religious brainwashed, insearch for refuge, seeking answers... but remember... just because u seek answers, doesn't mean u shall find, and because u dont find, doesn't mean there is necessity to create 'gap fillers' or 'substitues'.

2004-05-07, 10:17
where does life or where does matter come from, are identical questions.

2004-05-07, 12:11
I imagine that the sum of the entire Universe adds up to zero or nothingness. What we see around us is a local or temporary fluctuation that must be balanced somewhere else. All energy is balanced by negative energy and all matter is balanced somewhere else by antimatter.

2004-05-08, 00:06
i'm not attacking you, i'm showing dislike towards organised religion.

2004-05-08, 00:09
Tim if u keep fooling urself well u are pretty much in a cult
we know more than what God told us
isnt that funny?

2004-05-08, 00:13
the thing i dislike with 'cult like' religions if the fact that there are no equals... there is a higherpower, and all else are bellow this power. Isn't this why people preffer systems such as democracy? because it offers are least minimal equality amongst people and even the higher power must be voted in by present day man? Where there is a god, there can only be slaves and only when there is no god, will man truely be set free.

wow that should go into a bible passage.

2004-05-11, 05:52
there will always be ‹bermensch und Untermensch though let it be know that i don't hold that as a harmfull discrimination race difference as the nazis did

i believe some people are better than other people but it is NOT because of race but intelligence, rationalism, courage, true kindness, non violence, compassion and truth

some people dont try they are the Untermensch or think they know all and dont bother to better themselves or the world

and $ most people dont like democracy
maybe what SOME of it stands for but not what the reality is
capitalist democracy would be much different than communism fitted to democracy

though both of them have problems u already know which id go with

i think a country should have a council for each area which would go to a much bigger council where they would discuss our problems
sometimes not all problems are in all areas

there is too much in conflict with christianity and related religions (i say that because they are related so closely) for anyone to take them seriously
without going against other things that is

they interpretation is needed and changes between people
i think its partly understanding or lack of

i was talking to a gardener about God n shit is the basic convo:

me - plants need the sun to grow right?
her - thats right they die off without it
me - the sun is the only light that works other than UV globes?
her - yes that i know of
me - plants were created two days or so before the sun was created did God have UV globes or is he one? remembering light is physical which god is not so he could not have been a source of light which is where light comes from.
her - im not talking abou this anymore

2004-05-11, 09:51
plants were created two days or so before the sun was created did God have UV globes or is he one?
You might have solved a mystery that has been boggling the wise prophets for thousands of years. The only logical conclusion to be drawn is that God is one of those marijuana farmers who grows his plants indoors using plant lights.

2004-05-11, 15:17
even a fool can surprise the wise
i guess im the fool :D
maybe he was a ganja grower
maybe he left it here FOR US!
he did plant the seeds for our cultivation (thats gods word BTW)
the plot grows thicker (was that a pun? :p)

2004-05-12, 04:59
he also says he is perfectly just and perfectly mercifull (remember my msn?)
its not possible
like i cant be perfectly happy and perfectly sad at the same time can i?
a little of each sure
but god can be all of these for some reason?
he couldnt be at the same time
but he seems to be all of those and jealous and loving at the same time
and in the bible it says that love is not jealousy
and dissapointment? i dont know how a being that can see into infinity can get dissapointed - wouldnt it be normal?
or would u not do something?
he could only be one after the other after each other
god is supposed to be immutable right?
he created and then did not, (we do that now)
he destroyed and then did not, (we do that now)
he flooded and then he did not, (we have done it but normally natural)
he was once angry and is now just dissapointed, (hehe that's humans for ya)
the only thing ive seen that dosent stop is the law of the universe and sin

i dont need to use science
God contradics himself
or he is a very bad liar lmao

all of these things ive come to the conclusion because of the bibles logic and common sence
if God goes beyond and dosent follow common sence than he is a lying fuckhead who i would have no respect for anyway

so all this time people have been fearing god and each other when they should learn to stop fearing themselves

i am the anticrist i will bring them down :D

got anything to say but more single lines that dont contain thier contradicting statements
u would never hear a christian uttering god is these things and start thinking abou the validity