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View Full Version : Damn Edonkey2000

2004-05-04, 11:04
why is it that when im usin emule it wont ever connect to edonkey
the day that overnet edonkey and emule all work perfectly is the day we get some donwloadin done
its better but i can imagine if i had a ten times faster connection it wouldnt be so good
why did they have the winge about sharaze not uploading properly n that
just draining the network
the biggest problem with that piece of shit was the dissappearance of downloads between uses that was said to be fixed a number of times that was the biggest pain in the ass
not if they would work on security for half a year
and leave a team of a couple to work on server software
servers dont seem to be able to hold all they say they can
if they get it to a point where u dont get to downloading and not so many sessions fail and sources are found for all files much quicker
(and kads overhead is reduced - damn there more sources there than a lot of things)
i dont think they would listen to me though
they are more into to hey look at me im doing this for u than hey i can do this for u
edonkey2000 network underground??????
damn we would have won by then

2004-05-04, 12:27
You can't connect to the ED2K network? See the help in eMule under Ports, Firewall & Router. It looks like you need to forward TCP ports 4661 and 4662 through your router, and maybe some others too.

2004-05-07, 06:19
Client Software
eMule: 762 (93.0%)
eD Hybrid: 19 (2.3%)
eDonkey: 0 (0.0%)
aMule: 8 (1.0%)
MLdonkey: 17 (2.1%)
Shareaza: 12 (1.5%)
eM Compat: 1 (0.1%)
Unknown: 7 (0.9%)

mostly only eMule see
it connects to kad and eD2000
kad isnt too bad
but as i said a bit too much overhead
and super security would be nice :D

i just wish they would all join up
the size of thier changelogs combined they would make a killer app
P2P needs to come together a little

2004-05-07, 11:45
i just wish they would all join up
the size of thier changelogs combined they would make a killer app
P2P needs to come together a little
Unfortunately I still haven't seen a p2p program as good as the original Napster of late 2000. The thing that made it good was that it was centralized, and that is actually preferable if there were not legal problems to deal with. Soulseek is run by Nir Arbel who used to work for Napster, but they are limited to 100,000 users and refuse to expand it to another server for fear of losing control of their payed $5 a month subscription that they charge for queuing priority.

What scares me about connecting to even more networks is that I will get longer queues. You would think that it would balance out and the queues would move faster if there are more people in the network, but actually I would expect more leeching if many networks were combined.

No one should participate or connect to the FastTrack network because it only helps Sharman Networks to do so.

2004-05-07, 23:10
You might be better off going with Overnet now. It seems to be faster than eMule, even with less sources. You can also try the hybrid although I don't see many more sources despite it connecting to eDonkey AND Overnet.

2004-05-09, 21:03
In eMule I had trouble figuring out what ports to forward, but with a router firewall you only need to worry about "incoming" ports to unblock, whereas with a software firewall you need to get it working in the "outgoing" direction as well. I find the terms "incoming" and "outgoing" confusing, because it is actually when your computer acts as a server rather than a client that they call it "incoming", but to me it should be called "outgoing" instead.

Here are the default ports you need to forward through your router. The first two need to match the ports in Preferences-->Connection-->Clientport:
TCP 4662
UDP 4672
TCP 4711 (optional)
"This is the default port for the web interface. When using a router this port has to be forwarded or no connection to the webserver will be possible."

2004-05-10, 06:04
ive got my ports open
ive actually changed them and matched them up in my router
its not slow speeds though its only connecting to eMule and not edonkey
everyone identifies as eMule and ive downloaded under 5 MB
from edonkey
total connections is like 15 with about 30% success rate
overnet is good but not like Emule
u can get nothing for hours on overnet
im not sure

2004-05-10, 09:31
I often get the problem in which it seems like I'm in queue because in the download window the file color is blue instead of red, though I'm not sure of what those colors mean. But I've waited for several days to get files and not gotten them. The latest eMule version is 0.42g. I wonder if the older versions don't work as well. What client are you using?

2004-06-11, 04:28
0.42g yeah
it works fine other than the sessions ever connecting only half the time
meaning it counts down in the queues and then just doesnt connect for some reason
that needs to be made much better
then it would be better than kazaa ( though it already may be)
need a real fast connection to see i think
with less fakes
and almost the same amount of users but more real files now
its growning every day
right now im using azureus bT client its awesome
like a normal P2P interface (but i still dl one file at a time)
almost 900 Mb in 10 hours
not bad though i think i can do better
i have 250G lined up in emule
ive just bought another hdd and im going to have to buy another one
im thinking a server rack hooked up to the network for network storage with a terminal on it
just use lan2p and move everything on it
or i could get a tape drive lol