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View Full Version : Norton Antivirus 2004

2004-05-05, 01:32
I bought Norton Antivirus 2004 for $30 from a site that I found through NexTag (http://www.nextag.com/). I ordered the CD in the mail. It comes with one year of virus updates but a new feature of it is that it has a product activation, like Windows XP, that must be accomplished within fifteen days, and is only good for one computer. I am going to look into trying to bypass the product activation somehow when installing it on my second computer at home as well. Ever since I installed Norton Antivirus 2004 on my Windows XP computer, I get system tray errors if there are any programs located in my "Startup" menu. The Startup menu is where you can have a program launch automatically when Windows starts up.

New features of the program are that it scans for more than just viruses. Here are the features:
Virus threats:

Viruses, worms or Trojans (scanned by default)
Security Risks: Known programs that may or may not be a threat to your computer. For example, an email greeting that acts like a mass mailer, but isn't strictly a worm because you can choose to use it before it activates.

Spyware threats:

Spyware: Stand-alone programs that can secretly monitor system activity and detect information like passwords and other confidential information and relay the information back to another computer.
Adware: Programs that secretly gather personal information through the Internet and relay it back to another computer. This is done by tracking browsing habits, generally for advertising purposes.

Spyware and adware can be unknowingly downloaded from Web sites (typically in shareware or freeware), email messages, and instant messengers. Often a user unknowingly downloads adware by accepting an End User License Agreement from a software program.

Additional threats:

Dialers: Programs that use your system, without your permission or knowledge, to dial out through the Internet to a 900 number or FTP site, typically to accrue charges.
Joke Programs: Programs that change or interrupt the normal behavior of your computer, like making the mouse click in reverse.
Remote Access: Programs that allow access over the Internet from another computer to gain information or to attack or alter your computer.
Hack Tools: Tools used by a hacker to gain unauthorized access to your computer. One type of hack tool is a keystroke logger which is a program that tracks and records individual keystrokes and can send this information back to the hacker.

Additional threats can be unknowingly downloaded from Web sites, email messages, or instant messengers.

2004-05-05, 21:30
Norton is a big name but not necessarily the best. I had the Corporate version 2002 which worked ok but when I installed a newer version strange errors started appearing. Sure enough, all the solutions were on the Symantec site. Norton can be a major screw up.

2004-05-07, 23:06
what do you use, personally? and why do you prefer it?

Simple and seems to get the job done; like one of those retarded bag boys at the local supermarket. ;)