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2004-05-07, 12:47
The UN is not democratic because it allows five member countries to veto any of its resolutions. Because it is not democratic, it is not fair. The UN lacks the checks and balances to fight oppression and corruption committed by any of the five members of it: Britain, China, France, Russia, United States.

The UN is impotent because it lacks the ability to condemn and fight evil with the sword. It only knows how to offer the olive branch. In their attempt to be diplomatic or not to offend member countries, they hold their tongue and their needed criticism. Their continuing naive outlook on justice lacks the conviction to condemn tyranny in a meaningful way. The UN is a tool because it is used by an oppressive country such as the Zionist entity the United States to extract peace using double standards from its Islamic enemy Iran, or other countries which are not allowed to have weapons of mass destruction. But when those very same oppressive countries decide they want to break the law and its rules, such as the Israeli settlements in Palestine, the preemptive military strikes of Zionists, or the lack of recognition of Geneva Convention rights of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, then they cast the UN and the spirit of international law aside because it is at that point an obstacle to them. Thus in balance it is merely a tool to justify oppression.

The UN fails to condemn powerful member countries that use it as a tool. It ought to adopt a less diplomatic attitude and punish the United States for its ambivalent support of it. For example, when the United States chose to act unilaterally rather than multilaterally on the Iraq issue, it should have been exiled and banned from the UN.

When the United States wanted to invade Iraq, it made threats to the UN about how it was becoming impotent, yet ironically it was the United States which rendered it impotent by violating the spirit of international law and selectively following just the laws it chose to follow.

2004-05-08, 01:04
This fuc'n with the Iraqie prisoners is looking bad.

Hate to say it, butt it seems a gay thing, like as in 'homos'.

The general who ran the joint looked to be a dyketype. It happened on the nite shift and nobody cared.

Maybe gays (?) should not be allowed in the armed service if this is what happens..

2004-05-09, 16:13
hahaha to stop the demoralising of the troops and for the hired killers to regain thier high moral standard so they can back to killing civilians
we know that that men in tight situations can become desperate (dirty prison fucks - prolly where nicobie is right now or dreaming of :p)

and i saw a show that said that Alexander The Great was gay
so the greatest military commander of all time who actually did the fighting aswell shouldnt have been there because he was gay

anyone gay or straight has no right to inflict or impose their sexuality on them if they do they get kicked out
numerous women have been raped in the military especially the navy?
should women or staight men be kicked out?

its not a fucking gay thing (u do seriously believe that do u? i hope ur idiodic sarcasm hasnt blurred into no recognition)
more like being ordered (one of them arrested quoted so (arrested? how bout war crimes???))

one thing about homophobia and racism is they are totally unfounded
ive met and history has shown more white assholes than anything
ive met only one bad black person in my life (she was a compulsive liar though) and asian people seem to be very genuine and more comforting than others
and ive known several gay people over the years - they are much more relaxed and much more open to new things and new ideas

everytime u open ur mouth nicobie i feel like slamming it shut

and E BTW the US does these thing too

they are the only nation EVER to have denied rulings of the WORLD FUCKING COURT and denies a lot of what the UN suggests in this one case of many they didnt want support from the start really - because they would have had to follow rules
such as EVIDENCE!

i'm all for bombing a country if it genuinely is threatening mine or any others