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View Full Version : bypassing Norton Antivirus 2004 product activation

2004-05-08, 06:12
I downloaded a key generator for Norton Antivirus 2004 and the instructions on how to do bypass the product activation. Here are the instructions:

Norton Antivirus 2004 activation crack

Follow those simply instructions to activate the new Norton Antivirus 2004 by Symantec:

1. run NAVSETUP.EXE and use the keygen to generate your CD Install Key.


3. Go to Product Activation, select "Activate your product now, but skip registration". It will complain that it can't connect to Symantec servers.

4. Press next untill you get to the retry screen.

5. Select "Activate my software by phone" and use the keygen once more to get your final unlock code... Mission accomplished, Rest in peace, you can now connect to the internet again btw ;-)

They produce virii to sell antivirus. Fuck off and die, speculators!

I bought Norton Antivirus 2004 OEM version for $30 and installed it on my first computer, as well as activated it properly using the product activation with Symantec. So then I tried to install it again on my second computer, which required me to disable the product activation. I followed the instructions posted above, but rather than using the keygen program to first install the program, I used the 24 digit product key that came with the CD. Following the instructions, I then disconnected my ethernet cable from the router. Finally I selected to register by phone and it gave me a challenge code. I used the keygen to enter the phone challenge code, which it also does, and entered the correct information. It then showed it as activated. Right afterwards I reconnected my ethernet cable and without restarting the program, tried to run "Live Update" to get the latest virus definitions, but it refused to work. Also when I clicked on the Norton Antivirus 2004 program to launch it, it didn't work either. I restarted the computer but that didn't fix it. I then uninstalled it and tried to reinstall it, but it didn't ask me for the product key or to activate it the second time. So I again uninstalled it and this time I searched my registry to delete everything that said "Norton" or "Symantec", and tried to install it again. I got the same thing and I finally I gave up and installed Norton System Works 2002, which comes with the antivirus program as well.

I don't know what went wrong but I can think of a number of possible explanations:
1. I am using Norton Antivirus 2004 and the instructions only work on the Pro version which I don't have.
2. The initial CD product key I entered (not the phone challenge key) should have been generated by the key generator rather than using my legitimate key.
3. I connected too soon to the internet after doing the product activation, and I should have restarted the computer first so that Norton would really believe that I wasn't being naughty.