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View Full Version : installing XP on an old computer

2004-05-08, 14:11
My p2p computer has a 1997 ASUS VX97 motherboard with 96 MB of memory and a 233 processor with a 30 GB hard drive. I used to have Windows Millennium installed on it but recently I formatted it and wanted to try installing Windows XP Pro. Using the Windows Millennium startup disc, I would boot into DOS and try to format the hard drive, but it only allowed me a partition size of 2 GB. In the past I would use the "Data Lifeguard" bootup floppy that Western Digital has, and would have to install a type of EZ BIOS that would allow for large hard drives to be recognized by the operating system.

To install XP I first tried to boot directly to the CD by changing the bootup order in the BIOS, but I got the error: "no emulation system type-(00)". So I then tried to use the Millennium startup disc for DOS to run setup.exe on the XP disc but it said that it can not run in DOS mode. I then found a boot disc set from Microsoft, with a filename of WinXP_EN_PRO_BF.EXE (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/release.asp?ReleaseID=33291), that involved creating six floppy discs that allowed XP to be installed. The installation allowed me to make one partition that recognized the full size of the hard drive. I had the choice when installing of different types of file systems such as FAT or NTFS, and I chose NTFS. Is there an advantage of one or the other?

2004-05-08, 14:47
I read somewhere that there is a pirated version of Windows XP Pro that has a product key beginning with FCKGW, that is so prevalent that it is common public knowledge and Microsoft has banned it from working fully at the Windows Update site. I'm not sure how people managed to all get the same copy, but my feeling is that it probably came through p2p applications like Kaaza.

I can picture the fury and rage at Microsoft with the employees cursing the loss of income due to piracy. They are all probably saying FCKGW instead of FUCK when they curse.

2004-05-08, 15:50
The NIC on my p2p computer uses an ISA slot instead of the more common PCI slots. It is not 10/100 Mbps rated. Under Millennium I would get top speeds of about 300 KBps, but now with XP it gives me about 900 KBps. It was nice yesterday to be able to copy the 4.38 GB 831 mp3s from the main computer onto the p2p computer in an hour's time. Transferring files between my two newer computers with 10/100 NICs on the network gives me speeds of 3 MBps.

2004-05-11, 00:00
According to this article:
Windows XP Service Pack 2 will not check to see if the product key is really valid, unlike the Service Pack 1, because all the security vulnerabilities are creating an embarassment for Microsoft.

Service Pack 2 is supposed to be released around September 2004.

2004-05-12, 14:47
It turns out after all that Microsoft has now decided it won't support pirated copies of Windows XP when Service Pack 2 is released. Here is an article with newer information:

2004-05-20, 04:32
just get the keygen for xp......

do a bit of googling, you'll find it

if not let me know, i'll try to get it to you

2004-05-20, 11:13
Thanks, I already have it and it is even amongst my appz available for all you niggerz. I have it for my regular computer but I'll leave it unfixed on the p2p computer, out of curiousity to see how it affects things.

2004-07-16, 23:50
The main difference between NTFS and FAT is file and folder security. You can encrypt and compress things with NTFS that you can't with FAT.

2004-08-06, 07:43
on all p2p networks there is a tool that can fix your serial
so that sp1 kan work !!
have samething to ask