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View Full Version : Back from N.Y.C.

2004-05-17, 03:31
Just got back from a 4 day stay in the Big Apple...

Once all my film is developed I will have it scanned and sent your way...until then wait patiently

(some of you may be thinking "what the hell is the point of this post if he isn't going to talk about the trip"....well, I've decided to wait for the pics before I explain things out further...basically I just wanted to say "yes..I'm still alive...and yes I'll continue posting when I'm not so damn busy"

2004-05-17, 04:06
I do have a digital camera and somehow I forgot the damn thing---I guess I was just to anxious to leave that I didn't pay attention to details too much

anywho, I purchased a shitty 21$ disposable camera from the wax museum and used that---however, the pics came out dark/blurry but I'm not worried because there was 50 of us and I will get my hands on their negatives and get prints of what I like (such as the Circle Line Cruise Saturday night)

and no, I didn't see E, I didnt know he lived there (at least I didn't remember) I thought about making a post before I left saying "If you're in NYC look for:" but I ran out of time before I had to go...it would of been cool to meet up with him though (hey E, if you happened to see me I was the kid with the Anti-RIAA shirt on **Friday** in a big CYR Touring Bus)

here's a group photo from time square:(Noonan = our band director; Going to MIT = Martin going for computer engineering; Ex-girlfriend = Christine)

2004-05-17, 05:21
dude i'm so jealous! i've always wanted to go to NYC. What is the deal with 50 ppl though? was it something organised in your state, or just a tour you joined? Man the background in that pic looks so surreal... i havn't personally seen anything like that lol. Sometimes i try to picture msyelf in a place like NYC or L.Vegas and i think ... "noway does a place like that exist". Thing that stands out the most is the number of advertisements that are lit up.

2004-05-17, 10:20
I see from that picture you dudes are all dressed nicely. You look like a group of bible school dudes trying to visit the land of sin and convert it. Was it some kind of field trip for school? I live in Brooklyn; too bad I missed you. The weather was unusually warm here.

Digital cameras work better in the dark but film makes a better picture. When I get my film developed I also get a CD of pictures with it.

The Circle Line tour goes all the way around Manhattan for a three hour tour, but you may have taken the one at night that goes just halfway around the southern tip.

I wonder what places you went to and I look forward to your account of things. Brooklyn and Queens have a couple of nice places to visit too.

What are your plans for the future. Are you going to college next year?