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2004-05-22, 03:41
How can you not believe in God? Just look around you at all the beauty and wonderment he has created..look at the sky, the river, the trees..those beautiful roses over there.

Me>> "/god also made that parisitic worm that has embedded its self into a 3 year old african boy's eye and will make him blind before the age of sixxxxx'''


2004-05-24, 06:33
God i could so easily pick that apart

2004-05-27, 05:42
well for starters God is supposed to be perfect
would he even get tired and need to rest?

2004-05-29, 06:23
well thats cool
i wouldnt expect somone to back up what they believe in
let alone argue it ;)

2004-05-31, 12:59
theres some audio ive been downloading ill show ya sometime its will help understand the history
then u will understand what u are believing in
and would it be reasonable and rational and following good logic to say that our imperfection as humans would be tiring?
God would not get hungry let alone tired
or angry or dissapointed if he knew the outcome of everything
ask any good psychologist and they would have a hard time disagreeing with u
im sick of hearing u cant understand of question
im sick of hearing that thn contradictions are not to be worried about
and that dating methods for dinosaurs are not right and that the church has dated stuff and that they can prove it that way
God would be really pissed at them all right now i think
they have all done terrible things
i hope if there is a judgement day they get what they deserve
i will be happy to do whatever it takes
man life is too short live it to the extreme
dont hold back
done be scared we all gotta die some time
how, when, why, what and WHO shape our lives but they are not things to be worried about
take (sh)it as it comes

2004-05-31, 23:49
in a way, the bible represents the dawn of collected reason for mankind. It is indeed full of holes and dead ends, but what did u expect from something representing such an old 'mass community'? Modern followers are slowly modernising religion which can be seen in the encouragment of the use of contraception (even the dalai lama promotes condoms!) or the transformation of 'church music' into something modern to lure youth to follow the TEN COMMANDMENTS. Then you have those who have attempted to logically explain the bible (who was the guy that said jesus could walk on water coz there was a low tide?) and thsoe who pick out the holes and build up theories as to why these holes are evidence that the bible is bullshit and god is a fake... and at the end of the day, we can all argue our sides - Tim says there is no doubt god created man (maybe taht is why the governments refuse to tell us that there is other life out there on planets... coz then catholics and christians would be devestated that life on earth is not unique..that god has OTHER children... and taht god was/is indeed a WHORE), meanwhile I say there is no god, but at the end of the day, i dont really know do i? I havn't seen a god... anybodys god... but Tim, believes he knows it all... that is the type of ignorance you get by believing there is no explanation but GOD.. and that is the type of prison u live in. I may have an onpinion and sometimes i am inconclusive... that the ability to NOT DECIDE is a representation of freedom.. because i am nto forced to decide, and am not categorised by my decision of loyal or betrayer. Maybe "god" is just a human created term to explain phenomenal and brilliant science that is far too advanced for modern intellectual thinking... maybe if human civilization survives, we will be advanced enough to understand science to this gigantic scale, after the next ice age or something eh?
Sometimes man creates words to collectively describe things that they are not advanced enough to understand - such as the creation of life (wether man just appeared dick/pussy and all, or if man had to evolve from a single-cell organism), the creation of flora/fauna etc... this has been described as the WORK OF GOD... but only because we dont really undestand who's work it is... Just like back during Galileo's time, where ppl believed in the perfection of the heavens and the increasing sheres of divinity...but alas, one day they spotted waht was it, a commet or a supernova... but how was that possible? change and imperfection are not allowed.. and though a static and perfect heaven was the staple belief back then, today we well know about the rotation of planets, the death adn birth of stars, and the truth that commets aren't really signs of evil... so just like we replaced "heaven" eventually with "galaxy" and "solar system" (which is a sign of changing times, replacing religious concepts with scientific ones), we too one day will replace "god" with its TRUE meaning, but until then, the bible will still rule us... and even if you do not believe in christ, the bible still rules you, because our countries are ruled by ppl who are controlled by the bible (funnily enough, while abortion is a sin, dropping bombs on residential villages isn't, eh, bush?).

So, to sum up, you may not like the bible, the bible may be full of shit, it may be a fairytale book of morals, but it still represents an important intellectual advance in humankind, just like those who first created reasoning of the 'heavens' and then those who argued and died in proving that they are NOT heavens, they are indeed sollar systems, galaxies etc etc.

And whe it comes to wondering why so many ppl still love the bible and live and abide by the rules... just think of us, mankind, in the middle (YES MIDDLE) of a great intellectual advancement... just like people had to convert thinking over-time to understand the difference between the great heavens and the great sollar system... this transformatino is just taking longer... but it's happening, and you can see that in the churches desperate attempts to lure ppl through their pamphlets and "i love jesus rock n roll" music etc.

May not happen in your life-time, crim, or your childrens or grandchildrens life time... but one day it will happen. Evolution takes a long LONG fucken time... and just like man didn't evolve with christinaity impregnating their brains, man will shake off the bad habbit one day too.

2004-06-01, 01:30
i just got a new phone ay, i'm very excited! i can make upto 500 dollars worth of calls for only $99 ay.

Plus i am making mango prawns, so that is even more exciting! Coz i'm REALLY hungry.

2004-06-01, 01:44
here is a pic of my prawns and my dog who i woke up

2004-06-01, 02:13
it is a mobile phone, or cell phone is what u yanks call it. I wont call you, and you know that :p

As for prawns... i only ever use fresh raw prawns, they turn pink/orange when they are cooked, it is interesting to watch them curl and morph colour as they cook. I love eating raw salmon and tuna, but i would't make it myself, because in order to eat it raw it has to be the best quality and right from the ocean. There is aplace in The valley, here in brisb that does the best sushi,sashimi etc. mmmmm. I also like raw beef, my father makes the best raw beef, in thsi great sauce, and u put it on fried bread... it creeps all my australian friends out, but a euro might understand lol

2004-06-01, 02:37
]who knows maybe some day u might. :D

i dont think so.

2004-06-01, 04:13
i've told u many times, i will not call u, you can keep pm'ing me about it, or posting about it, but the reality is i wont call u, because i dont want to.

2004-06-01, 06:02
she may be not destroying ur hope but releiving it

2004-06-01, 11:31
she may be not destroying ur hope but releiving it

that was excellent... cept the spelling mistake >=[

kudos 2 ya =]

2004-06-01, 15:40
maybe if i can explain this for u
u know the feeling of ur 99 year old grandparent that has been sick for 20 years and dies?
u think shits its bad but u dont cry for long cause u gotta think was it bad for him to be suffering
like the relief of getting home after work its nothing special but somehow calming (unless there are screaming children of course)
it seems to be a bit of tension between u two
maybe u do need a break from each other
and if she dosent want to she dosent want to its up to her to decide
u cant do it by persistance like a lot of things
real love takes patience
My spelling is terrible i know sometimes
thats why im teaching myself grammar
i get confused sometimes lol
thats why im learning more n more
watch me get better :)

2004-06-04, 07:02
Tim are u aware that God has nothing over u in anycase
he gave u free will anyway
so invented or not WE have to make our lives how WE want to
external factors should only shape us and not condem or opress us
and when did he become ur god as opposed to everyones god?
and the faking of christianity is much clearer than some others
we have advanced to a stage where they are no longer relevant

2004-06-04, 17:19
funniest argument a christian ever gave me was "God put dinosaur bones there to trick us"

so he is a regular prankster

well even if there was he would be very limited
so creating a world like this knowing all that would happen and being in total control over it wouldnt u not put in dinosaur bones

i think if we did find out in the end that God is real then we wonder why he didnt punish people for changing the bible because its rather obviously corrupt

this from a god that that know everything from beginning to end
it dosent seem even half efficient

if there is a god we have no purpose
because our lives are made to seem nothing next to eternity
dont people get a chance?
after all we are not perfect

if so many religions claim to have gods than why isnt it the most clearly profound and intelligent
why cant it describe things like noone else can?
why are there so many reappearing themes
maybe ill write something detailed that may convince u dude
it will take open mindedness, and lack of judgement to read it
then feeling the thruth from the inside not in what u remember of the bible or anything

give me some time

2004-06-04, 20:07
now u see there are possibbly different ways u can maybe now see how we get them
ying and yang can give u the feeling or good and bad (which children pick up very quickly)
karma can make u think about doing things before u do them
therefore there is no need to repent
prevention is better than cure
christian morals are even the most profound ones they are mediocre ond full of holes
i really do hope u do get back to us one day :p

2004-06-05, 02:44
When Bush visited Rome today he was told by the pope "God bless America".

Did God create man or did man create God? I think it is the latter. When people make such utterances as "God bless you" or "God bless America" it indicates that man created God.

If you really believed that God is for real, rather than an extension of your self-vanity and praise, then you wouldn't be blessing people in his name, or commanding him on who to bless.

Also, I think God would be a woman, because women are more powerful than men. Women can create life by having a baby. God is supposedly a creator.

Any religion which casts God as a man rather than as a woman is false.

2004-06-05, 08:40
possibly E but think men and women both have strengths and weaknesses
men are stronger physically usually women are stronger emotionally
God is disturbed
he dosent really know whats going on
and like ive said before about praying u wouldnt need to cause he already knows what ur going to say
would it be kind of the same to say that blessing someone isnt needed because God loves all and needs not bless
they already would be
"God bless America" now would he have been blessing it to let someone of another religion harm it?

God got real tired after the early killings and helping out

u can never justify a God by saying i fell this or know this
it needs to be justifyed somewhat though
this is our entire lives here
we cant be wrong

2004-06-06, 08:12
i don't know myself
she can't be doing too bad :p

2004-08-06, 11:52
when i have come up with something intelligent to say..i will respond...

pls note..that make take SOME time t o do. ;)

Yeah, you weren't kidding were you?