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View Full Version : Bloggin, baby!

2004-05-25, 05:31
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-05-25, 12:04
Does life need to have a purpose? Trying to find a purpose for your life is like trying to find why God created you. I don't believe in God so I don't believe that my life has a purpose in a religious sense.

I hope to leave the World a better place when I leave it than when I came in it.

If you were told that the World would end due to some catastrophe 1000 years from now, would that sadden you, or is it too far away for you to worry about?

2004-05-26, 04:49
the thousand years is so long off for me I would not worry about it. That's speaking plainly as just me from a non christian viewpoint.
It would be tragic to me because seeing the human race die would be a tragedy. I know that in perhaps billions of years the World will end but that doesn't bother me because humans will not exist, and will have evolved by then. 1000 years from now there will still be humans.

If the World is going to end in 1000 years then it is a tragedy for the human race, and it makes what we do now seem futile. But if you believe in the pearly gates of Heaven as the final destination then it doesn't matter too much what happens in 1000 years because there will still be a cool place like Heaven to hang out in. Your Christianity makes you value humanity less.