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View Full Version : mockingbirds

2003-04-29, 12:17
The sounds of the mockingbird are one of the things I appreciate in life.

I hear these birds in the Spring. They chirp all night. When I hear them, I get a restless feel, because the days are getting longer and night no longer brings fatigue to me. I can smell the fresh air and sounds of the outside too, as it is warm enough to open the window. The birds seem to be spread out over the United States. I recall being in Oklahoma in Fort Sill in April 1993 and hearing one chirping away while we were standing in formation at 04:30.

Here are a couple of recordings I found on other websites:

2003-05-03, 00:55
I love birding. We have mockingbirds here in Missouri. My absolute favorite is the hummingbird. I also lived in the country before I moved to this house and there we had indigo buntings which are rare here.:bluefish:

2003-05-13, 13:32
i have never seen a mockingbird. i once had to read 'to kill a mockingbird' back in like i dunno year 9 or something. i got the black and white kids mixed up in the final essay, coz i only read a few pages of the book, so i failed. the end!