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View Full Version : what other forums do you visit besides this one?

2004-05-26, 05:21
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-06-02, 00:48
Luke's Video Guide (forums) (http://pub209.ezboard.com/blukesvideoboard)

our gov calls it welfare.

what do u call it dillweed?

2004-06-03, 12:47
Google has a cool feature when you enter a web address that it shows you different things to look for:

Show Google's cache of 3-3-3.org
Find web pages that are similar to 3-3-3.org
Find web pages that link to 3-3-3.org
Find web pages that contain the term "3-3-3.org"

So if you want to see what is related to 3-3-3.org it gives you a listing like this:

And through that search I discovered this site:
Which is similar to this one here in terms of the topics covered and the fact that it's a small forum. Check out the avatar of Kneo24: