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View Full Version : Post Your Desktop

2004-05-28, 06:58
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-05-31, 09:18
On that desktop picture the program associated with jpg files is Irfanview (http://irfanview.com/).

2004-06-01, 00:08
harb, didn't u post a link to irfanview?

I've been using that prog forever... i think it is just the bestest of best. Since i had a slow computer, the program opened up so quickly compared to other progs... and it was simple... in apperance and function, which was more than enough for my needs, since i am not a pic editor or something. I think the program is fantastic, coz it never shuts down from any errors or anything... its practical.

and yeah, i did make my avatar on it, i just can't remember how lol.