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View Full Version : Is this a true statement?

2004-05-30, 06:27
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-05-30, 13:36
to me a good joke is somtimes left to the imagination a little
witty sayings dont always prove something but often state something
and opinions differ
tell it as it is and in the situation (which makes it witty im sure :p) well done
words sometimes require actions or the listening ability of the other person/s
Goethe hehe
(if) u can develop a strong mind that can deal with the charcter side a bit easier maybe?

2004-05-31, 12:37
haha u have already :p
who knows when u reach the fine line of insanity and genius
and ya only become polular after ya die or get a nice length prison sentence :(
though did i help u with that one Tim?

2004-06-01, 06:11
The Law of Karma

Central to the philosophy of yoga is the universal spiritual concept of reaping what you sow: the law of Karma. Karma is the future consequences of one's current intentions, thoughts, behaviors and actions. While the Karma you currently create is the seeds that present future life experiences, your Karma is not your fate. You have the ability to consciously choose how you respond and react to Karmic generated events, thus reducing the current impact of your Karma and reducing or eliminating future Karma. This is both a psychological and physical practice, with the mental attitude much more powerful than the physical deed.

The law of Karma is connected to the constant changing physical world the yogis call Samsara, the spinning wheel of life and death. This wheel is said to have six spokes: virtue and vice, pleasure and pain, attachment and aversion. These spokes are the types of Karma that bind us to the wheel and keep it spinning. The goal is to break the spokes of Karma to become liberated from the mundane and suffering world of Samsara.

Good Karma is good, bad Karma is bad, but attaining any kind of Karma is undesirable. The goal, through the practice of yoga, is to stop the cycle of Karma by ceasing further Karmic accumulation. The yogis tell us the only way to not produce Karma is to act selflessly, without ego, without the desire for any reward. Liberation from Karma and Samsara is known as Nirvana, a highly esteemed spiritual state. But striving to attain a state of Nirvana is not a necessary goal; any reduction in Karma will improve one's life, well-being and happiness.

ive not done much research on this topic but it seems to me that it is very deeply based on buddhism
just as hinduism seems to me to be based on a god idea with buddhism incorporated into its moral thinking

its supposed to be very healthy
good for illness and happyness all in one :p
part of the health of the body is in health of the mind
high stress can lower the immune system
relax, let me lay my holy hand apon u :p

2004-06-01, 16:18
i can see u opening up ur mind more Tim
dont worry if u stumble dude
mistakes are to be overcomes and learnt from right?
life is a huge obstacle course
and what would an obstacle course be like if it had nothing in it?
u wouldnt get stronger or faster
the way to gain enlightenment is to not simply believe in anything
even if u are christian u should aska few questions every now n then
other things (faiths) have the same claims to be above all else and creators of the world and the universe and the creator of life
why is any special?
that why i see need to question some of it all
man is imperfect and many christians believe that men have changed it
not just the little bits in translation
hinduism would blow ur head off dude
ive seen something that are so beautiful and some stories that are so interesting and seem to be close to heart
ill try to get some of them for u
not all myths are so holeproof many aren't realistic
while some claim to be both and do neither
i start by asking questions and seeking answers
theres an answer to almost everything i think
what if in the end the good book was wrong after all and u didnt complete what u wanted to on earth
then u life is a waste almost
if there is spirit eternal or not i dont think we would ever get it right on this earth
never completely
that is our imperfection
if its Bhagavan Krishna (Lord Christ), The Buddha, Jesus Christ or Mohammed the Prophet they all have a good message pretty much
its what these other fucks have added thats a bit suspect
and the bits about god can be a little strange at times
but oh well make ur choice or none if u like but one might stand out