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View Full Version : embarassing, shameful things

2004-06-01, 11:33
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-06-01, 11:46
i said i HATED no-one, and i still don't.

I dont think i dislike anyone particularly.. just feel neutral towards ppl i dont particularly care for... u know when u look at them and instead of thinking "you mother fucker, go suck a cock" u just think "la da di whatever".

2004-06-01, 11:53
like i re-stated, i feel netural towards ppl i dont particularly care for.

2004-06-01, 15:28
so when u said Tim that u dont hold people to past quotes u seem to also forget the renewing ones (the evolution of their ideas perhaps)
the fact that she dislikes is her right and hers only (when it concerns her)
the fact that she dislikes u does not makes it a feeling on the whole like she is dissapointed in u now
it may be forever u may have to deal with that
just her accepting she dosent like u dosent make u important
it should make u realise that there is something wrong with u or with her
im not totally sure who this could be anyone got any ideas?

2004-06-01, 21:43
i don't recall stating in this thread that i dislike anyone here. Again u associate things way too easily with ur self. You are an association whore, where everything that is written, somehow, you associate it directly with u.

now i am off to shower and go to work, so ciao for now.

2004-06-03, 07:02
its easier to hate and love
difficult to like
thats friendship
and there are boundaries
though much draws from the other two sides
and relationships crumble unless they were meant to be
haha man-whore

2004-06-04, 07:07
but think of a comic book in mint condition
has it crumbled or decayed with lack of use? no
there is a line for everything
cross it if needed
too much of anything can and will kill u

2004-06-04, 17:32
think of something that too much of wont kill u or at least lead to death directly or closely indirectly?