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View Full Version : a question for anyone willing to answer it

2004-06-06, 19:26
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-06-06, 20:47
thats a rather tricky one Tim
cause things can hurt u or hurt other people
violence u could say helps noone
but the one attacking seems to think it has advantages

it depends on ur ideals
if u think giving to the poor can help mankind on the whole and by doing it u are advancing us all then no
if u are self centered then yes

2004-06-07, 01:42
if you jump infront of a bullet to save someone else and it kills you... there are no personal benefits when ur dead. Sacrifice.

2004-06-07, 09:01
when u kill urself for another it would be someone important im guessing
is that not a benefit to u if they live
wasnt that the goal
and u go down in history as a hero :p
the actions of some are carried out for a long time and same with beliefs
knowing uve done something good
u might not be around to see it but at least overall the person that is u is (was) improved
people only know u through experience its not just what u know of urself that counts
the word benefit seems to indicate getting something good and nothing bad
life is good and bad
without good there would be no bad
without light no dark
even our deepest moments teach us to be happy
who doesn't like being happy?
and $ see how a spiritual side could also mess up the idea of having no benefits cause ur dead - though im not sure which is right
thats what im trying to work out

2004-06-07, 09:40
In the process of helping others through what appears to be selfless acts of philanthropy, one still is doing it to feel good about oneself, so it seems everything is ultimately selfish. People who devote their time to helping others in a philanthropic fashion can be called selfish too, but the difference for them is that their selfishness is beneficial to other parties rather than it being one-sided and parasitic.

Parasitic selfishness is when you only care about yourself at the expense of others. Philanthropic selfishness is a different type of selfishness that motivates you to help others and do good deeds in order to feel good about yourself.

2004-06-07, 15:20
to me i am my own number one
if u dont love urself who will?
but its not to say others dont come second
and 2 is a greater number than 1 so being after someone is not meaning u are less or not as worthy
i think the act of being is selfish is anothers selfishness at times
somebody says to you "your so selfish only thinking of urself"
say u ate the last piece of cake or something
now them saying ur selfish is in fact their wanting the cake that u took from them
so they in turn are being selfish

it is possible to commit an act of goodness just simply to be kind
u feeling good afterwards may be just a reaction to a smile on someones face
i think its possible to not expect any good but still recieve it

that is true kindness to me
gotta be humble

2004-06-09, 17:52
if only more people thought of what they had to gain and not what they had to loose we would be a little better off
it comes down to how u view the world i believe
a rascists isnt going to have equality for all now are they?
same with other people with other negative discriminations
which is the source of a lot of it
everyone is scared of something

2004-06-09, 18:39
My greatest fear is being alone.
You would rather be immortal in the presence of Jesus than be a mortal amongst the company of mankind.

Why, if you choose religion over mankind, do you feel lonely?

Until you renounce religion you can not seek comfort from your fellow man.

2004-06-09, 21:34
the fear that i will not be the archetype of new evolution of the world and ideas
and fear of not being seen and heard

lonely eh dosent bother me
sometimes its good to be alone
but when u hunger for social contact and/or love u may never know of loneliness
could make it worse when it does happen
u seem to go through all emotions at least once
think we need to learn from those dude

and Tim the past and present always effect ur future
how can they not?
what u write now become the past afterwards
u are already in the future before it can become
by ur working karma wouldnt work either
let alone christian judgement n shit

create all the conflict u want just dont be a kunt about it (not saying u are or anything though :p)
and if being a kunt leads to conflict u should think about that

2004-06-10, 12:44
see i can say something now
and u will refer to it later
and it will effect u later

there is past, present, future in everything u do
loneliness is it that u are uncomfortable with urself?
if u liked urself u wouldnt mind spending time with urself
just chilling out no noise but the ones u make urself
no pain but the ones u make
we are destined to because we are seperate individual beings
it is our duty to ourselves to think no matter what is wrong with me i am me and i can do something
being comfortable with urself is a big thing of life
most people are out searching for some external force that will save them
but when it comes down to it nothing is saving them but themselves
from our primordial beginnings not seen the light till the evolution of modern man
he looked at the sun one day and wondered
it was a new feeling because instincts were the concious of the unconcious before that time
we now have the ability to qeuestion things that don't seem right
its in our nature to do so
but we are the first step dude
everything external is exactly that external
but shaping in someways if u let it rub on the sides of u