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View Full Version : Ritten by Remus

2004-06-07, 17:41
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-06-07, 18:36
i don't understand quite you have posted this story written by someone else who doesn't come here.

2004-06-07, 21:35
that reminds me

2004-06-08, 01:09
Frederic Nietzche doesn't post here a lot either...yet he gets quoted often...doesn't he?

lol, that sounded like a 'slxism' to me. :D

oh... i didn't realise that some crap story about how some d00d got used in a lap dancing bar for money was quite on the same intellectual level as the philosophies of Nietzsche, Marx or even Adam Smith...

anyway, thanks for telling us it was just meaningless spam ;)

2004-06-08, 06:41
intellect has many forms
everyone is a genius of at least one level
let tim crap on
I do
You do
whats the biggie? :p

2004-06-09, 00:49
the only way to deal with a troll is to ignore it.

Ever stepped on a snail with bare feet? yuk (as in tttimmy).

2004-06-11, 05:03
maybe he is misguided misunderstood and a little over sensitive on some issues that he neednt be
u are my definition of a troll
someone who posts crap often offensive and dosent seem to make the place any better or interesting than it was when they first came
i hope ive done that
i know tims done that
i can get a new avater would u like to be the star of it? again? :p

2004-06-11, 22:42
dude, ur hardly pure evil, ur just too much of a moron for ppl to take you seriously. You are like a new barbie doll... fun for a while, but then u lose her shoes, cut her hair, get stains on her rubbery legs and spray paint her body fluro pink and suddenly u dont play with her anymore, coz even ken wont fuck a fluro pink doll with staind legs.

Dude, u seem to like to harrass ppl here, but if we took u seriously and were really devestated or whatever by your evil nature lol, would we still all be here? Point is, ur too lame to have any real effect on anyone, fluro pink barbie is more respected than u.

Despite your beliefs, you are not the ultimate troll, because when someone is trolling well, it is like an art form, u may despise them, but u gotta respect them for doing their job well. You are just a petty mentally unstable boy who is too insecure to go outside and socialise, so u come to a forum coz here, in cyber space, no-one can lodge a bullet in your head for being so hillariously amusing.

You are like an unofficial clown, perfect for ppl with clown phobias. I'll recommend u for a next childrens birthday party dude.

2004-06-11, 23:43
girlfriend, it's pretty pathetic of you that you insist i find u threatening, ur a boy playing with ur keyboard on the internet! lol. It's also a little strange that you assume that the ultimate and only reason a person would respond or bother posting something in reply to u, is because they feel threatened. Believe me, i dont feel threatened by you, i respond to u because it is my civil duty to alert you of your moronic status. I think you should appreciate me correcting you in your wrong assumption and confustion about you being a troll, and be greatful that i have pointed out the truth - that you are merely and nothing more than the forum clown! Now go do some dick tricks coco, but just know, that you are your sole audience.

2004-06-12, 12:36
Tim the thing is the is no point
there is no audience no defence
its u and u only dude
like i said are u not part of us?
act a bit more like it
involves a bit of thinking
ur lack or substance is just u not getting ur way
stop playing games dude
it never was or will get fun
especially with one making the rules

2004-06-12, 19:35
dude i have no problem with talking with u outside of the forum
in fact i wouldnt mind doing so sometime soon
i know its been a while but ive been very busy
i know ive only explained to u some of what im doing with myself
well have to organize these things
u with u crazy timelines and me with my sleeping/non-sleeping
see how things go hey?