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View Full Version : something old, something new..something borrowed..something Blue

2004-06-09, 16:53
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-06-09, 20:45
this is how i feel (or what happens) for each

1. when around the person and i'm not sure if they feel the same im nervous, stupid and i act myself but not so they figure it out
maybe just not trying too hard so rejection dosent feel so bad
but i'm starting to not care
that girl i was talking about i met her out tonight while i was walking. she dosent live near here but was going to a drama group (she is very talented) and then going to see her boyfriend.
i was a little sarcastic kinda like have fun (laugh under my breath n all)
she said what dont u like him?
i said hell he is ok
she asked whats the fucking problem then?
i told her i was in love with her just like that
all i felt after that was fear i felt drained like so long wanting to say it and felt like it was the worst time and place ever
she didnt say anything for a bit and she had this look on her face
i wasnt sure if she was going to laugh or cry
i could look and talk to her for eternity
but this time we just stood there not moving not talking just staring waiting for the other to say something
i just said bye and left
i walked off excited and full of dread at the time

now if god could make me love like that i can say i'd be a religious nutter by now
that was hours ago and i still dont feel right
fuck u gotta love love and fuck ya gotta hate it

2. remembering what it was that made my face hurt and laughing till my stomach hurts

3. Hot!! Wet!!
Is it me or does it make ya horny?
I mean I love sex in the shower
fresh redeeming purifying

4. Like something is wrong or at least very different though somewhat lucky. like the post office

5. well it depends who from lol
like a whore mostly
who would fucksome they dont know apart from whores?
maybe im just shallow

6. Mail? haha i dont even read my E-Mail lol
hopeing for no bills after hoping for no mail

7. We got some nice roads. feels like ur somewhere perfect
places that look like shit are usually shit in one way or another
by experience what looks nice is nice
and i like nice things so i can't help it

8. i think of another more favourite song afterwards :p

9. Like we are trapped in our forts. wishing i could just live in it without a problem rain feels beautiful to me the smell the feel the noise
nothing is a problem when u can't hear anything but rain
nothing else seems to penetrate

10. wishing they stayed hot of course!!!

11. wondering what the fuck is a sweater is :p jk
thinking damn now i can get 2 :)

12. caramel count too? i like caramel a lot! haha wishing there was more

13. lucky this only costs 3 dollars or something for as long as i want at certain times
damn id be poor if this costs as much as usual
long distance is usually someone important like my mother
funny my father is short distance and unimportant to me :/

14. almost as good as the hot shower but i get to lay back and maybe have a drink or a smoke or a read or a good book

15. depends on why im giggling
usually feeling silly and childish
very enjoyable not ever growing up

16. will it end? hope not if its a good one
if not trying to turn that feeling around

17. argh SHARKS! SALT! SAND! BLUEBOTTLES! NUDISTS! (nidity - something some germans are usually known for at the beach) NO THANKYOU!!!!!

18. time to get stupid
i got money to burn here

19. remembering why then looking around for anyone watching thinking im crazy
remembering also how much i have to learn
i laugh when i fuck up

20. cheap and broke? or accepted and enlightned?
depends what sort of midnight call u are making

21 . Wet.

22 . Crazy.

23. Embarred and thinking whats wrong with u
why didnt u run when u first saw me
ill always say no way or im not that good
i will say to someone if they say im ugly or not that
that one will love to their liking

24. loving the poor look on the others face
they look insulted but they don't know why
they'll never know why and get insulted
sometimes sorry though cause they just wanna jump in at the right time and get whats happening

25. never doubting
never going back
wishing they were family or something
feeling as if they are higher than family
trust n loyalty

26. trying not to say anything but just a bit of reinforcement to ur confidence and knowing what people like and don't

27. well that sucks so bad cause i dont get back to sleep
but usually i get to sleep a few hours before i have to get up :p

28. shit!! thats what pussy tastes like
oh where were u refering to?

29. i don't have any old friends but i make new ones that never seem to last as long as they used to

30. beautifull little puppy up the road from me
wishing i were the puppy
knowing that its all that simple
something simple about beauty
though complex can be rewarding
ugly little puppies i hate

31. argh get away
u no touch the do huh?

32. thinking its better than a bad one then forgetting what happened

33. do they have hot caramel?
fucking hate chocolate (more than 1 piece in a sitting that is)

34. wishing i didnt run out of feul.....

35. im too big for that now
by a rush when i did
like i could take off one day

36. well i usually wrap them first then they go under but i like cookies!
ive not had or do i know what eggnog is

37. http://www.evillabs.sk/evillyrics/
need i say more?
u may need to look some that is all

38. usually a little sore and a little deaf
like im really supporting them
really making things exciting for them as much as they do for me

39. eyes contact from a stranger can be suprosing and
well usually im looking elsewhere

40. one more come on, one more game :p

41. wishing they were caramel chips :D

42. hey last time I had to cook
isnt this nice :)

43. hanging out with friends i wish time stood still and they never left and we had everything we needed

44. feeling happy because they are happy basically

45. never letting go

46. as i said i have no old friends
at least none close enough to remember

47. i shouldnt have ate those 6 hotdogs and all that fairy floss

48.shit they don't hate it phew......
im bad at picking presents i can't even pick what to eat for lunch

49. when im up that early? thinking what am i doing out of bed for starters
but mostly thinking how huge it really is and how contrasting it is to sunset


if u don't understand me in any way this might help somewhat
though somethings u wont understand about me