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2004-06-09, 20:54
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-06-17, 14:58
yeah, i bet those armpit stains grow larger by the minute with all your sweating. I can picture your armpit stains spreading out... like the top of a mushroom cloud, as it widens quickly after impact... i can picture ur once pure white shirt, which is probably now an off lemon colour...

2004-06-17, 15:19
some ppl sweat too much because they consume too much sodium.

No woman likes a man who breaks out a sweat while lifting himself off the couch.

I think processed foods are the culprits of excess sodium intake.

2004-06-17, 15:24
for some ppl, getting off the couch is exercise.

2004-06-17, 15:33
it hurst to constantly be 'fighting' with you..i don't want this everyday...please let's stop it..it isn't 'fun' for me..so i assume it can't possibly be fun for you...at the heart of the matter i love you as a friend..i'm sorry for whatever hurt i've caused you.

you are wrong... it is fun for me, you are amusing.

2004-06-17, 16:55
it hurst to constantly be 'fighting' with you..i don't want this everyday...please let's stop it..it isn't 'fun' for me..

perhaps you should consider taking the 1st step by doing something about your unhealthy obsession with $

you're the reasons for your anxieties....no one else

as a matter of fact, you're the sickest fuk i've ever encountered on the web

2004-06-18, 11:32
Some people seem to sweat more easily than others. I don't think it's related to salt consumption though. That sounds like a popularized misconception. Sweatiness seems to be affected by physical fitness and genetics. I don't sweat easily, which actually makes me uncomfortable because I will feel hot, especially after eating a large meal in the Summer. People who sweat easily may have a better cooling system, but it's also more wasteful and they could dehydrate faster.

2004-06-18, 12:02
i've discovered a ladies underarm deoderant, that makes me smell like fruit orchids, even during 99% humidity and 45degree celcius heat. What a discovery. I have smelt orchid fresh each and every day for a few years now, since i became a dedicated user of this magical instant drying deoderant. Plus the smell is so delicate that i can still wear my fav perfum with it.

U know, every time i get to love a product, it always stops being manufactured and goes out of stock. Maybe they saw me coming.

2004-06-18, 12:17
u know, "THEY" make using deoderant sound scary ('THEY' meaning the ppl that tell u to use a product or u'll die, and then other ppl that tell u if you use the product u will die of a deadly disease, which leaves u confused as to who to believe). Scientists say that if a woman uses deoderant then she is more likely to develop breast cancer, then they say that thsi has never been proved, and then they said that if a woman shaves her arm pitts at least 2 times a week, then she is again more likely to get breast cancer... meanwhile the government still allows houses and streets to be developed a few metres away from massive electricity towers... which too, they say, causes cancer... and then someone told me eating lots of smoked food causes stomach cancer... well i live on smoked salmon and home-smoked chicken breast and eel... and then they said if i eat vegetables i wont get cancer, but if i eat the wrong vegetable with pesticides i might get cancer.
Then they throw statistics at me... 1 in 3 ppl will get cancer, and the other two will know someone with cancer... 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer, and if men lived long enough, they would ALL develop prostate cancer... then they said that to avoid prostate cancer u gotta jerk off alot, but ur told as a kid if u whack off too much, ur palms will get hair or your cock will fall off or u will get pimples... then u do actually get pimples and u think it's coz u rub ur penis too much, so u stop rubbing it for a while but then ur told its ok to play... and if u dont play u will die of cancer.


then i open up a womens magazine with adds like "my girlfriend died from period pain" which is about ovarian cancer... but ovarian cancer has no cure, so u will deff die from that. Then i think... fuck... my period pain is like my uterus being punctured by a massive butchers knife, what if i have cancer? what if eating brocoli gives me cancer? what if walking past an electricity tower eveyrday gives me cancer? what if this soup imported from the ukraine gives me cancer? sun gives u cancer... yet if u dont get sun u have Vitamin D defficiency...

I play in the sun, i shave under my arms unless i am too lazy, i use deoderant, i eat vegetables that may or may not be laced with pesticides... i live in an environment with clouds of tobacco smoke, i was in eastern europe during Chernobyl in Ukraine, i eat imported soups from easten europe, i dont have a cock or prostate but i do have tits... and ovaries... and u can even get cancer of the vagina... i have a sunspot on my face ... maybe that will develop into cancer, but maybe i will jsut get stomach cancer from my smoked salmon or maybe, just maybe i will get mercury poisoning from the fish i eat, and will end it all! maybe i'll die from something OTHER than cancer. I wonder how many ppl these days die of simple old age... u know... hit 99, boom, goodbye... i wonder how many ppl even believe in natural old age death... coz we're all too busy taking out freak accident life insurance, private medical cover and trying to avoid dying of cancer.

2004-06-18, 12:32
Leaving that armpit / auxiliary vulva without deodorant allows your pheromones to come through undisguised. I am into scents and I like the smell of people I am intimate with. The only two people I am intimate with in this World are my wife and my daughter, and I like their smell. Also I am intimate with myself and like my own smell. When I smell someone else such as a stranger it is too much for me and I back away. I dislike the smell of men's colognes because their scent is invading my nostrils and is forcing intimacy with me.

2004-06-18, 12:36
my boyfriends skin has a distinct smell... he never smells bad. I tried to describe his smell one day... and the only word that popped into my head was "atlantis". I love to smell his arms. Some people naturally smell bad. I know a girl that constantly smelt like she had her period and hadn't showered for 10 days. It smelt like fart.

2004-06-18, 12:52
None of us can smell each other on these forums so there's a limit to how much we can get to know each other. One time slx sent me a computer in the mail and it had a smell of smoke which reminded me of the smoldering ruins of the Twin Towers. I think it is because he is a smoker. Sadly that may be the closest I come to knowing or meeting people here who are my friends. Who knows what the future holds in store. The fact that I was able to smell the smoke from the Twin Towers made 9-11 more real for me than those who only saw pictures or film of it, yet it all fades in memory and loses its realness. Sometimes what helps to bring one back to an old memory is an old song or an old smell. I like the smell of Spring and the thawing Earth. My wife says that in Africa she would eat clay as a child and pregnant women would eat clay a lot. She likes the smell of thunderstorms.

2004-06-18, 12:59
i know of pregnant women who eat clay or those soft chalky rocks u find by the bed of a creek. My favourite smells include masses of water, freshly ground coffee, crushed mango tree leaves, lillies, herbs and there is this tree... i have one near my window... and after midnight, it emitts a smell that is like... fresh dog shit... but nice fresh dogshit. I love that smell. Not dog shit smell, but the fresh nice dogshit tree smell.

2004-06-19, 15:42
btw..women tend to sweat around their boobies when they get hot..it's probably where the perspiration starts..at least that's been my observations when in the gym.

Thats just because all you see is tits.
I know, it can be hypnotizing.

2004-06-21, 00:23
damn right
ive got a gym up the road i go to
theres this one girl in particular who is very hmmm how would u say it
fucking huge breasted!
to be subtle
but anyway i can't help myself i have to go talk to her
she rides with her head down and really tries kinda
i sit back and enjoy the view
and Tim is happy the words or words needed to describe that kind of discovery?