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View Full Version : Trout's GIF Optimizer

2004-06-15, 03:52
Trout's GIF Optimizer (http://chemware.co.nz/tgo.htm) is a freeware program that allows you to optimize the file size of gif files. It works with other files such as jpg files but there is a noticeable deterioration of quality for those. On gif files it reduces the overhead without a noticeable reduction of quality. I'm not sure how it actually does it.

I first noticed that gif files contain overhead when I was working with the proprietary program Ulead GIF Animator (http://www.ulead.com/ga/runme.htm), and saw gif files reduced in file size after being optimized.

The nice thing about Trout's GIF Optimizer is that it allows you to optimize all files within a selected folder. It gave me problems on these two files, which I didn't discover until after uploading and seeing the errors on the website of a defective image:
:bomb: and :zap:
The error message I got was "premature end of data". But for all other gif files, they worked okay and I got an average savings of 20% space on all the image gif files on this forum.

See the screenshot of the program.