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View Full Version : A Little Talk About Life and Death With Martin

2004-06-19, 05:46
Martin (Lefty4dtrax) is one of my good friends from my hometown. I've known him since 6th grade when I first moved to the little town of Machias, Maine. I don't really remember how we became friends but I just know over the years that's what we were. Now we just graduation high school (he was the valevictorian and is going to be attending M.I.T. for aerospace engineering, no joke, the locals papers bragged him up because he turned down Harvard).

Anywho, he just got back from Atlantic City with another one of my good friends (Drew) and he wanted to have a chat with me to catch up...and this is what I said:

Click Here For The Convo Log (Sorta of long but its HTML for easy reading) (http://www.geocities.com/beejus2004/imdying.htm)

Btw, I realize its not funny to make fun of lung diseases, or pretend like I have one because either myself, a loved one, or friend could easilly develope one and die before me instantly---keep in mind that this was just a prank. Although I do have asthma I hope I don't ever develope such a thing.

2004-06-19, 06:53
you never do that to friends....poor joke to the max

and a very good way to lose a friend

shame on you dude

2004-06-19, 12:03
you did well beej, u made it believable man.