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View Full Version : how do you like your polls?

2004-06-23, 09:31

2004-07-06, 07:50
i dont think multiple decisions should be allowed, because it encourages the inability to be decisive, when a poll, technically calls for a decision in order to get the most accurate outcome.

2004-07-06, 07:57
Multiple choice sucks and it makes little sense in a poll, though it gives the masses some leverage to fight against the ominous ADMIN TOOLBELT (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showthread.php?t=4)

2004-07-06, 14:08
i could have used multiple choice in this one really
multiple choice lets u be decisive
that one and that one
is not a decision? ive seen a duck with teeth.....
and technically it depends on the poll

which colours are ur favourites? or
which of these colours is ur favourite?

which of these numbers is higher than x?
which is the highest number of these?

people are good at things they know nothing about :p

Tim ur such a dirty cunt :p

2004-07-07, 09:10
I dont vote. I feel a bit guilty for it... if my politics classmates at uni ever found out, they'd hang me from a tree and throw rotting apples at my head screaming "SHAAAMMMEEE! SHAMMMMEEE!".

I have yet to enroll as a voter in this country... i'm just awaiting the day when my penalty fine arrives in the mail for choosing not to vote. After the elections, the government sends people to each and every household, asking for the number of registered voters and the number of people that are of legal voting age but unregistered, and then they go back to their government laptops and print out a zillion fines.

I dont vote and i dont create polls. I am a lame australian and a lame forum member. I wish i had the motivation to make a poll here at dionysians, but i dont see it happening now or in the near or far future.

2004-07-07, 09:13
you are not lame