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2004-06-29, 23:23
an oxymoron?

for the sake of conversation, i'll use the popular p2p forum zeropaid as an example....

these forums supposrt p2p by giving people and programmer a place to discuss file sharing, provide rating on the various p2p programs and even have help forums where people learn to use them effectively....

on most, if not all of the more popular p2p forums, like zeropaid they even provide links and advise on the best spyware free version of the choice p2p programs....you can readily find links to clean imes, clean kazaa, etc on them all

but what confuses me is all of these forums strickly forbid the mention of warez....for example see
you'd think the poor dude screamed fuck god at a southern baptist convention in montgomery, alabama or argued with gaz over at oz.

isn't it self-contradictory that on every p2p program supported, promoted and talk'd about at any of these forums will serve you warez, porn or any other taboo you desire but you can't ask about warez or porn....just whip out your favor'd p2p prog and search for fosi or warez or crak

2004-06-30, 03:07
Zeropaid is heavily moderated. Their staff is not intelligent or open to new ideas and they seem to believe that their job is to babysit the members.

The general rules on different forums tend to be the same, but the actual interpretation of the rules vary from one site to the next. One may believe Michelangelo's David is pornographic while another may think it is okay to show a woman's breasts. Some moderators are overly cautious and moderate heavily.

The thing about banning links to warez sites is confusing because Google itself could provide you with links to warez sites, so would linking to Google be wrong? I think the only time the webhoster could really complain is if the actual warez were hosted on their servers. That's different than linking to them.

The top p2p forum is Slyck (http://www.slyck.com/forums/). It is not as heavily moderated and they treat their members better. Also it is run by competent people who are aware of the issues in p2p rather than just being there for a babysitting job.

2004-06-30, 05:00
One may believe Michelangelo's David is pornographicit's a good thing the supreme justices ruled as they did today re: blocking porn sites from kids......

otherwise many might never know about some of the great arts