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View Full Version : bush on jobs & the economy....

2004-06-30, 05:14
Bush: "My plan pays down an unprecedented amount of our national debt, and then when money is still left over, my plan returns it to the people who earned it in the first place,"
WASHINGTON, Feb 27, 2001 (United Press International)

Two years ago President Bush's economic team projected that the nation would add more than 3 million jobs by the end of 2003.
By David Westphal - Bee Washington Bureau Chief - January 26, 2004

The national debt as risen to over 7 Trillion dollars. The 2003 interest payment on this debt was 318 Billion.

The nation has lost 2.9 jobs million since January 2001, just before the last recession began, the longest such stretch of pain since World War II. Nearly 800,000 of those jobs have disappeared since the recession ended in November 2001. Manufacturing shed 26,000 jobs in December - the 41st straight month of falling factory payrolls.