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View Full Version : bush on education

2004-06-30, 05:20
The Bush Administration's proposed funding for education under Title I (education for the disadvantaged) is $7.1 billion below what is needed to fund the President's own No Child Left Behind education bill, which leaves 2.4 million children behind. Funding for special education under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is less than half the level that Congress committed to paying... underfunds after-school programs by more than $1 billion, denying services to 1.32 million children. A $316 million cut in vocational education funding will keep students from acquiring job skills. Furthermore, 38 programs totaling $1.4 billion have been slashed from the Administration's education budget.
February 4, 2004 - Children's Defense Fund says Bush Administration budget perpetuates "School to Prison Pipeline"

January 09, 2003 - Senator Chris Dodd, co-author of the No Child Left Behind Act, "It is tragic that within a month of signing this act into law, the President moved away from that commitment of resources. Without the resources to make them work, educational reforms will not help students in low performing schools."

2004-06-30, 12:22
When Bush gives speeches he tends to promise a lot of money for many things, but later on when it comes to the budget those things are not requested. Bush is a man of speech and not action.

The tax cuts were a mistake. They caused services to be cut and the debt to grow, passing it to a future generation to pay off.

2004-07-06, 11:55
in aus there was some poll that asked if we wanted tax cuts or more services
70+ said services and we got tax cuts and service cuts
reformation and regulation are enemies
all part of herding the cattle
they would go all the way to a matrix like setup if they could do it technically

2004-07-06, 15:12
In the United States they have found that it is possible to cut taxes without cutting services, by simply running up the national debt and having a future generation pay the bill. Leaving this debt for the next generation to pay off is like stealing candy from a little kid.