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View Full Version : toes...

2004-07-09, 03:54
what are ur leg-hands like? do u have odd foot-fingers, or are they beauteous like mine?

2004-07-09, 04:31
do you STILL want to see the pictar of MY penis?

holla back!

are u talking to me?

d00d... u are a penis... i've already seen a picture of u :p

PS... do u have to take a photo of ur doodah in order to see it tim? i reckon u do u know =D

2004-07-09, 05:13
and $girl you sick, pathetic cocksukr

2004-07-09, 06:05
my feet are size 16 though u look at me and u don't notice cause of my height and width of my shoulders
they look down and go shit them some clown feet :p

2004-07-09, 06:52
31 cm's - just measured them
still growing and im 20.......
oh well
they are U.K. or U.S. sizing whichever is the biggest i think
ive got steelcaps on right now
boots just look huge no matter who wears them
even my mini-little brother :D