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View Full Version : Planned outage for this forum!

2004-07-11, 01:45
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-07-12, 03:33
They expected an outage of six hours but they had problems. That's the longest this forum has been offline except since early June 2003 when we switched to the current web hoster.

Read this thread (http://www.f5hosting.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=5) for the story behind the outage. I volunteered my services to help them get things in order.
I'm running a forum for biker hoodlums and they are out on the road right now. I have their cell phone numbers so if you give me the address in New Jersey of NAC I can send them over to have a "talk". I think they will understand the persuasiveness of brute force.

Harby, I think you would look sexy riding a Harley.

2004-07-13, 10:29
I just did a backup for the forum and I see an improvement with download speeds. It now downloads at about 90 KBytes a second, which allows me to backup the forums in about three minutes. Currently the database file is 3.5 MB and the disc space file is 6 MB when doing a backup.

2004-07-13, 18:25
Shit that was the LOongeST involuntary time away from this place I've ever spent...from 12:03a.m EST to 3:30p.m. EST...let's see from 12 to 12 is 12 hours + 3:30 = 15 and 1/2 hrs....damn!

am i right in thinking that ur career as a troll prevents u from getting gainful employment?

2004-07-13, 18:30
So is this place gonna be down from 12:00a.m EST until 6:00a.m eastern standard time starting in approximately 3 hours from now?

what's the current Greenwich "mean" time? and does that mean it sucks?

Greenwich Mean Time is zero hours... EST+5 hours I think... During the winter the UK is on GMT... the clocks are put forward one hour in the spring and returned to GMT in the autumn... this is called British Summer Time (BST)...

mean is another term for average...

it don't suck as good as ur momma =]

have a nice day =]