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View Full Version : Jerry Blanchard

2004-07-13, 21:28
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-07-17, 16:00
For fifteen years, a fella by the name of Jerry Blanchard would cut my hair from the ages of five to twenty-one this man was my barber.

He's been out of barbering for eleven years now and since that time I haven't had a decent hair cut..no..not one.

Well today miracle of miracles happened..i walked into the barbershop I normally go to and there was Jerry! Him and the other barber who I go to now were sitting in the barber chairs..looked like a rather slow day for them.

I said my greetings and immediately went over to Jerry..there's something about people you grow up with that just brings back fond memories.

Ah it was just like old times..in his youth younger Jerry looked like James Garner from the Rockford Files television show...now in his prime..older Jerry looks like a middleaged well kept Rock Hudson...wouldn't even bother me if he was gay....

anyway he proceded to cup his hand over my forehead in concave fashion like a mirror has a concaved (curved) surface to keep out the impuritys from my eyes as he doused my hair with liberal doses of hair spray and 'smellum' coz it smelt gOoood.

Then he took out some new fangled tool I'd never seen before and put it over the top of my head..kind of felt like a filter or guard or some sort to keep him from cutting too far down....I was getting a flat top after all.

Anyway I told him I really missed his haircuts and it made him style all the more better as well as smile even trimmed the bits of hair protruding from my inner ears and tops of them as well.

Shaved my neck too!

do you really think a haircut makes any difference to your over-all bloated head?

2004-07-17, 16:34
let me rephrase my original comment, turning it into a statement instead of a question.

a haircut will not make a difference to your over-all bloated head.