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View Full Version : If you're name isn't katarina or I'll_Do_It_For_A_Dollar...do not fucken pm me!

2004-07-14, 02:11
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-07-14, 02:48
no dude, i didn't talk to shani.

I am not going to talk to u on msn, sorry lill' buddy.

2004-07-14, 15:27
You know I keep hear you referring to people here like this: "rock on lill'dude' and such..and it appears to me to be a way of dimishing them for some reason...like an insult...your way of trivialising other people.

in your case it represents neutrality.

rock on humpty!

2004-07-15, 00:01
we both know...that's not what you DREAM of!

tell me that it isn't possible for me to destroy your spirit, kat..and i'll behave...because if I thought it was really, truly possible for me to do that..i certainly wouldn't do it.

u ever seen that film 'fantastic voyage'?... or is it 'fantastic journey'?

anyway, it's bout some doctors that are shrunk so they can fix some injury the president has received, and they travel round his body in a ship that has been miniaturised...

basically the idea of u and dollar together reminds me of the bit when donald pleasance gets eaten by an amoeba... heh... u know it :p

2004-07-15, 00:15
your 'wit' ASTOUNDs even me...what a moron you've turned out to be.

ur 'wit' would astound me if u had any :p

as for 'moron'... u are certainly hte best qualified to judge at this forum =]

have a nice day.