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2003-06-16, 14:59
I wonder what it is that makes us laugh and to find things funny. I believe laughter is a type of stress relief. It also feels like an enjoyable and pleasurable thing to laugh. One's face shows a smile during laughter. But maybe it's along the lines of being tickled, which is not a pleasurable thing, but causes one to smile. Laughter is so similar to crying, that at times I confuse the two. When I hear people who cry in the same fashion as they laugh, then I feel like laughing, for laughter is contagious. But I feel guilty, because I am laughing at someone else's crying. Perhaps laughter is a type of hysterical crying. Now that I think about it, crying is not always a sad thing. I cry whenever I am deeply touched or feel strong emotions. One could cry tears of joy.

I was able to study laughter in its original form by seeing the first time my daughter laughed. What caused her to laugh for the first time was my wife imitating her sneezing. Yet only a couple of months prior to that, a sudden act like a sneeze would scare her and make her cry. Still today, what causes her to laugh are acts of drama by my wife, like when she gets on the floor and starts barking like a dog. I see this type of laughter my daughter has as a stress relief. Whereas she used to cry on surprises, later on she dealt with the stress by laughing.

I recall being in the military, and finding the drill instructors to be the funniest people around. Well, it wasn't that they were really all that funny, but under the stress of the situation, comic relief worked well.

Humorous people talk about taboo subjects and say things which we would like the courage to say but don't. Usually someone is being attacked in humor. I think it is hard to be funny without potentially hurting someone's feelings.

Since laughter is at another's expense, it helps for one to be able to laugh at oneself, for the universal benefit of humor. There is a point at which it is too cruel, or too personal and is no longer funny. That is the delicate task of being a comedian, of having just the right amount of aggression and boldness without being too offensive.

It's a good feeling to laugh. I find it a waste when people are ashamed of their laughs, by covering their mouths. Perhaps they grunt like pigs when they laugh and are ashamed of it. This must come about because of being made fun of while laughing. What a shame it is that the one pleasurable moment that people can have to themselves, is marred by self consciousness. Making fun of the way a person laughs is a bad thing to do, and creates more unhappiness in the world.

Though it is not good form to laugh at one's own jokes, it is also dishonest for one to pretend he does not find himself funny. Being a good comedian is a political task because one has to lie by pretending he does not find himself funny, and one has to find the balance between humor and hurting the feelings of others. A comedian needs to be liked by his audience too.

People who make us laugh have a certain power over us, just as musicians who make music that we like, have a power. It is their creations which cause us to react, and that is a power itself. Comparing musicians to comedians though, there is more of a personal relationship of the audience with the comedian than with the musician. It's hard to find a person you don't like funny, but when a musician creates music, it becomes separated from his self and becomes an objective thing that people can appreciate.

2003-06-18, 10:25
laughing is very much a global "language" ... everybody uses the same 'vocab' when it comes to laughing with slight variations such as different paces, tones, degrees, accompanied facial expressions etc. Such diversity is found in any one language. I find laughter to be a type of 'acceptable social' orgasm, and i agree that it is a shame people feel self conscious when they laugh, and try to cover it up, or prevent it.

I laugh at very innapropriate moments, which can be very embarassing. I am not sure what makes me laugh at these moments, but i crack a massive smile, and laugh, and then i have to apologise. Not too long ago my friend was telling me her uncle had a heart attack, and i didn't find it funny at all, yet my first reaction was smile and laugh. Sometimes i dont know what i am to do with my body or its reactions, because they are completely seperate from what my mind is thinking.

I remember being in primary school and everytime i would get in trouble by my teacher, it would be a great challenge to not laugh while i was being confronted by him. The fact that i had a friend who i coudl call my "partner in crime" there with me, perhaps encouraged my laughter. SOmetimes i wonder if i would have laughed so much, if she wasnt' there. Maybe i woudlnt' have found being in trouble, so hillarious.

2003-06-21, 13:58
This reminds me of the last episode of Seinfeld. The gang were laughing at the misfortune of a mugging victim and ended up in jail for being bad samaritans. Then the whole litany of their shallow behavior highlighted their trial.

2003-06-22, 00:46
I am not too sure why we laugh or what makes us do it at inappropriate moments but I sure as hell am glad that we do it and it DOES feel fuckin' GREAT!!:bluefish:

2003-06-22, 00:53
Hi stinkie :)

2003-06-22, 00:56
Hey Nic baby!! How is it goin'?? Long time no "see"!! How is shit in your world?? Awesome here:D You couldn't find a happier or badder fish than this!! :bluefish:

2003-06-22, 01:07
My wood stuff is makin' me smile.

I hit 3000 on p2p so am going to take a break. What more can I say there anyway?

Am here to play with eclurkie. Somebody has to swat down that monster ego~~~~~~~~~~~~

Enjoy the longest day today.

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2003-06-22, 07:05
Well we are very glad to have u here nic :eatout:

2003-06-23, 00:57
Originally posted by Dollar_Girl
Well we are very glad to have u here nic :eatout:


I thank U for that. However..........


be.......... carefull with the boi's & think GOOD chit.

2004-01-07, 14:50
u ppl all know each other
dont gang up on me