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View Full Version : To: mekajinn, a swell guy

2004-07-17, 01:55

2004-07-17, 02:15
will be most interesting to find out..but I do tell you this unabridgedly....i know this guy like I know the BACK of my HAND and I can guarantee because of this unique duplicity..or insight i have into him...it won't be long before we see his triumvirate return to us.


idiot....you're a fuking idiot.....do you even have a clue or are you just typing words that appeal to you

dude.....did you even check the definition of the words you're trying to use?

a fucking idiot, trying to impress someone.......


2004-07-17, 03:40
I can't believe ALL you got out of my post was a FEW fucking spelling errors. you are an unintelligent moron....mispelling wasn't an issue.....

try telling us what the definition of the word "triumvirate" is

then how you arrived at the word "unabridgedly"

and what "unique duplicity" are you referring to, when, where?

dude....perhaps try to keep it simple, rather than trying to display your inadequate mental skills

in your case, ignorance ain't bliss....it's just fukin ignorant

what does triumvirate mean dude, i don't understand....

2004-07-17, 04:19
it's a celebration putz.is that what you were told dude?

2004-07-17, 04:44
I know what it means...I don't have to look it up..just drop it, ok?lol....you gonna cry now dude.....sorry but i can't drop it....you used the word in the context that i quoted....i just ask'd for clarification of your choice of a few words you used

do me a favor dude, please.....break that post down for me....explain it to me in simple terms that i'll understand....that unabridgedly duplicity triumvirate stuff you said

2004-07-17, 17:09
YOU HAVE GOT to be kidding me..if you can't understand simple fucking english...YOU NEED to take a REFRESHER course or something, old man.but i said please dude....aren't you capable of explaining it to a stupid old man...i'd think anyone using words like unabridgedly duplicity triumvirate in the context that you used them should be able to explain ....

please dude, please....explain this paragraph....i simply do not understand....."will be most interesting to find out..but I do tell you this unabridgedly....i know this guy like I know the BACK of my HAND and I can guarantee because of this unique duplicity..or insight i have into him...it won't be long before we see his triumvirate return to us"

2004-07-17, 23:15
so I admit I misused those words...SO FUCKEN WHAT!?!

everone makes mistakes from time to time..every now and again.lol.....why don't you tell me what you meant to say then....and, if it ain't too much trouble for you genius, please, i'd like the source of you definition of that word, triumvirate that you used, which according to you, means a celebration.....

come on dude, help a stupid old man out...i want to learn, really i do..

come on harby...please tell you the source of all your knowledge...please

2004-07-17, 23:40
how OLD are YOU????is that the answer to what i ask'd dude....

i don't see a connection between my age and your source of the english language.....what am i missing?


2004-07-18, 03:21
i will come back and give u the answer u would seek.i eagerly await the revelation of the source of your vast amount of knowledge dude....i'm trying to rise to your level of mentality and your sources of learning will help a lot...

i see you've been back for a while...or never left...just gave me some lame excuse to avoid further discussions about your vast vocabulary of words....

2004-07-18, 06:33
once more:

"will be most interesting to find out...but I do tell you this unabridgedly (that means like a dictionary...limitless, boundless..as in an unabrdiged dictionary)...i know this guy like I know the Back of my hand and I can guarantee because of unique duplicity (duplictiousness..the act of being deceitful, dubious, lying even)...or insight I have into him..it won't be long before we see his triumvirate (doghopper-x, dead-man, mekajinn,,"three") return to 'us'..

hope that clarified it for ya, asshole.alright dude...thanx...but i'm still a wee confused on unabrigedly and how you got celebration from dogshit-x, dead-dude & whats-his-name...& i mean, you did say that other fancy word meant a celebration....are you just trying to confuse me know or what

unabridgely, now are you sure your sources are right on that....? i mean i still can't find hide nor hair of that word what is your source dude for triumanade meaning celebration...you told me that's what it meant....right? just yesterday...you said, whats-his-names celebration's coming back to us...remember and the unbrigedly word

say harb, i have an idea, correct me if it's wrong but...i think you just try to razzl dazzl everyone with this huge vocabulary that you ain't got in hopes that us dummies'll fall for it....did you ever consider, we just might be able to use a dictionary or what

come on harb, admit it dude....you ain't all that, just another dummy trying to impress some jerks on a BB....that's a sad life ya got there dumpy, if you ain't got more to do than make up try to use fancy words to make yerself look smarter than everyone else.....

ya know harb....it never is hard to spot a wolf in a goats dress or however that nursery rhyme goes

you were born stupid, you're still stupid and unless you do something to help yourself....you'll die stupid

2004-07-18, 18:58
lol I don't even know what those words mean...it's some words I may have just made up for a cleverly descriptive adjective to make me somehow sound smarter than I really am. (i hope it didn't have the opposite affect)good boy chubbs...only treating us condescendingly only adds to your stupidity....

you may want us to believe that you didn't know what you were doing, "i was only trying to be clever".....when in fact you actually believe that you did really know....you have to be fast to pull a fast one butterbutte

you're still just stupid and don't have a clue....just some words beyond your comprehension you saw someplace, inserted in some lame ass post about who knows what, to try to inflate your own fragile ego

nic's right

2004-07-18, 20:45
what if I told you that I DELIBERATELY misused those words...simply TO RILE YOU?

which would then be THE TRUTH...would feel stupidly then? most likely yes..which is why i hesitated to tell ya...YOU'VE BEEN GOT!

i sucessfully trolled ya ass..which is a real accomplishment and feet for a younger troll to knock off his old master.lol....dungbeetle , i'm not here for the win or lose....i'm just here dude, nothing competative about it for me

but... if i were you, i'd brush up on my comprehension skills then read my post a few more times dude...either that or ask someone for help understanding it

2004-07-19, 01:15
well regardless of that (you not being here for the win/lose thang) I AM GLAD YOU ARE HERE!

you are NICE TO TALK TO sometimes when you ain't bustin my chops

now quit bustin my chops.

u're not a deader yet tttimmy?

need help? I've got url's for u...........

2004-07-19, 01:42
nic, he's part dead anyway, you can't call the life he is leading, as "LIVING".

I think he is just draging on, day-to-day. He pretty much knows how his days are going to go, long before the sun rises, because his days are identical, predictable and ordinary.

He has no real joy in his life, and the most exciting thing he has to look forward to when he strolls out of bed, is a new post refferencing him, on forums.

He doesn't have any real friends, because he doesn't socialise, as deep down, he knows he is not deserving of good friendship.

He tries to get reactions out of people on a forum, because he knows his life has no real impact on anybody he physically knows, and that creates a sense of lonliness within him, fueling his depression and mental instability.

Instead of working on improving his life-style, he pops pills to fix his broken mind, but as a result of the process, he has broken his soul.
So with a broken mind and broken soul, he tries to convince himself that at least his spirit is alive... his love for god exists... but truth is, there is no spirit if there is no soul.

He posts on forums for self-gain, and that is evident in his pattern of interaction with forum members here at dionysians. He needs 'quick' fixes of attention, to add at least the minimum amount of spice a life requires before it is completely usless living. He thinks this selfish interaction makes him interesting and makes him the catalyst of conversation on this forum, but he is wrong, because other people at dionysians manage to make worthwhile, interesting and well founded conversatins amongst each other, and get a good dose of attention, without needing to resort to making up drama to draw responses out of people.

Harbynger, you lack content, because you dont participate in any genuine conversation at dionysians, unless it is falsely dramatic, and somehow related to you.

2004-07-19, 02:58
Harbynger, you lack content, because you dont participate in any genuine conversation at dionysians, unless it is falsely dramatic, and somehow related to you.exactly

2004-07-19, 06:23
What's your point Humpty? Re-posting things that were written a long time ago. They do not apply to you any longer.

I tollerate you, but by no means does that mean you are entitled to unconditional friendship. I know when things are worth fighting for, and when things are worth saving, my instincts tell me that you are an unstable boy who does not deserve mine, or other friendships offered to you by genuine people.

Do you really think u can pull out quotations from the past, post them and make them apply to the modern harbynger?

Live in the today dude, because by pulling quotes out of your freaky archives shows that you are trying to use them as excuses and saviours, instead of changing your general predictable attitude, to make the future better for YOU.

2004-07-19, 06:25
You are all about quick-fixes, and quick jabs for attention. Try building something worthwhie one day ... people don't always fuck just for the orgasm.

2004-07-19, 07:40
that may be so, but it takes other people a short while to reailse, that what we mistook for "random stupidity" in your case is constant stupidity.

2004-07-19, 10:37
people don't always fuck just for the orgasmby golly...a great metaphor $girl & right on too

2004-07-19, 10:43
I am THE SAME... yesterday ("you were born stupid"), TODAY ("you're still stupid"), and forever ("and you'll die stupid").

2004-07-20, 01:33
there is no reason u should fuuk with us.

Die Tttimmy, dIe now... u can pull the plug, just squeeze off a round.

Just do the proper thing and die.

2004-07-20, 14:23

if no one bothered responding to me..i'd feel no need to respond back..

Dude... i don't know if you are self-aware, but the person who most often responds to you and quotes you... IS you.

2004-07-21, 00:16
I found the idea of you existing disgusting enough, but you having sexual relations is creepy. Aren't you like 40 years old? you spoke of your single and only sexual experience as if you were 14 and mentally disturbed. Dude, i didn't want to know how some unfortunate hooker sucked ur little wee wee for an hour and gave up after u didn't blow ur load.

i just imagine the poor girl having contracts in her stomach, trying not to throw up from your unwashed smell.

One of my favourite lines eclectica wrote long ago, was somethign about "anal juices, fermenting deep within your [nicobies] are", but i associate that with u, and that is what i think of when seeing your name.

2004-07-21, 00:32
tttimmy die

2004-07-21, 00:37
isn't your 'boyfriend' 50? you must like being MOLESTED! now that's creepy...that and the fact he has adult children older than you is pretty fucking sick...most would agree.

actually he's 54, and he's a better hearted, younger spirited, fuller soul'd man, you have and ever will be.

I dont believe there should be restrictions in love or relationships, because of what is considered a rebellion against the 'socail standards'.

Wether u love a black woman, a white woman, a yellow man, a gay man, an older man, a younger man... it doesn't matter. A good spirit and a good soul is worth over looking the social norm... and u have neither good spirit, good soul, or good looks, so i guess ur fucked either way lill' dood!

2004-07-21, 00:38
and if you personally agree with a NINETEEN year old girl fucking a FiFTy-three year old man..i'd say you have more problems than I do.

i'm not 19, keep guessing timothy! i wont respond to anymore of ur lame attempts to guess my age. * yawn *

2004-07-21, 00:44
don't talk to u anymore? omg no! hahaha. no worries, that i can manage!

2004-07-21, 00:54
u know, back in the ole day, having ur cock sucked by a black woman would have been considered a betrayal to your white roots... the problem wasn't with the couple engaging in the sexual act, it was in the attitudes of those people who judged.

I think the fact that your 40 and your only sexual experience was with a hooker who gave u a half finished blowjob for 50 dollars, is a bit sad... especially since u go on message boards acting like a horny 14 year old boy. that shows your lacking maturity and also shows the impact of reaching 40 without having any genuine sexual relations, letalone some sexual intimacy with someone u actually care for.

I believe sexual activity definantly is part of gaining maturity and part of human mental growth. Maybe that is why your mental growth is so stunted? because u've never has sexual relations or never experienced intimately emotional sexual moments? or emotional moments period, with a woman?

Ur still a boy, despite u being 40.

But thats ok lill' dude, at least u have ur archive of pornograhy, but ask yourself, is that enough to get u through the night.

and truth be told, at this stage of my life, i dont find boys my own age all that attractive. Me and my boy are just two hearts trying to make it through this life. aint no shame or nastiness in that brother.

2004-07-21, 05:24
Me and my boy are just two hearts trying to make it through this life. aint no shame or nastiness in that brother.good for you $....taking minors out of the equation, age shouldn't be a factor between 2 consenting adults

the passion is what's important