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View Full Version : I've confessed

2004-07-17, 06:03
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-07-17, 06:09
she matches me in intelligence.

now that's insulting...

humpty, not only do i match you in intelligence... but i exceed your intellect 100 times over.

2004-07-17, 14:41
why did you remove the link humpty?

Humptys Live Web Journal :

2004-07-17, 16:12
because it's another piece of evidence for people to study, that verifies the common conclusion and observation... that ur a moron.

2004-07-17, 16:18

2004-07-17, 16:21
my heart is like an OPEN wound before you...you know I love you..why continue to poor salt into it?\

maybe what u think is your heart, is actually your shrivelled up anal canal, curled into a little ball, pulsing and contracting each time u have a hint of brain activity.

2004-07-17, 16:32
yes, what? you liked MAKING ME fall in love with you and then bREAKING MY heart?


Originally Posted by Dollar_Girl
because it's another piece of evidence for people to study, that verifies the common conclusion and observation... that ur a moron.

Tim : do you really feel this way?

Dollar_Girl : yes.

2004-07-17, 16:42
there is no one to convince...

you're right, because we're already convinced that you're a moron, and you did that all on your own lil' dude.

2004-07-18, 02:02
i'm through arguing with you for today...okay so I called you a 'cheap whore'...i didn't mean it..but listen to this "cheapness" comes from within...inside of you I know that's how you feel right now...you put that there yourself...not I...it's a feeling I know you have inside of you and am sorry you feel that way about yourself..I wish you didn't.

sorry dude, where did i mention i felt cheap about myself? I feel pretty good about myself actually, i've learnt alot about who i am, in the past year. It's been a welcomed experience, very, very tough, but no regrets so far.

You continue to make fun of my weight and insult me and my intelligence at every opportunity you get..but remember this: I can always lose the weight but Uglines will always remain.

where did i make fun of your weight? You having a bloated head has nothing to do with your weight. I just assumed u were deformed. As for insulting your intelligence... i'm sorry to break it to you buddy, but before i can insult it, you have to earn some intelligence. Nobody blames you for being a bit slower in your mental learning... it may take you three times as long, but i believe in you lil' man, you can do it. If a monkey can put a cube, into the square hole, then i hold some hope, that you may oneday achieve some common brain activity.

You my dear are not physically ugly but emotionally you're a mess...very unattractive...and no matter how 'pretty' you look..opening that foul sesspool of a mouth you have...ruins every bit of physical appeal you have.

Honey, physically, i am who i am, fat, tall, skinny, short, tanned, pale, wrinkly... It dont matter, i make-do with what i have, and i always will, but i could be 100 times less of a worthwhile human being, but that would still leave me leading by 100 compared to you.

Fortunately for me I'm beautiful And fat...i can lose the weight..but I'm still beautiful even fat...you are attaching self-image to body image and you shouldn't do that...it's gonna be rough on you growing old and ugly if you don't learn to differentiate and make a distinction if not a separation between the two.

no, no, fortunately for you, you THINK you are beautiful and fat. Unfortunantely however, others will still see you for who you are, and not who you believe you are. This will lead you to continue on with your life of loneliness, where you are loved and appreciated by only yourself and an invisible unproved entity - god.

I don't quite recall expressing a belief that i attatch selfworth to body image.

Honey you're young. I love you and I still want to fuck you....

mm, indeed, shame that the only fuckable entity that will not refuse you, or desperately try to die before you can penetrate them with you minature boyhood, would be a blow up doll. Again, i have to stress the point... becareful with those fungus infested toe-nails... it just takes one puncture wound, to watch your lover deflate.